How to assign resource / resource loading / make resource plan in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, after finish creating the schedule, you may need to assign resource to activity to make the resource plan.

I will show you how to do it.

Let say you have a schedule like in below picture:


To assign resource, first you need to create one.

Go to menu Enterprise -> Resource.

Click on Plus icon to create a new resource.


In my case, I create 4 resources in Material type.

For the Unit of Measure, if you don't see the Unit you need, Go to menu Admin -> Admin Categories


Go to Units of Measure tab and click Add to create a new Unit


After finish creating resource, Go back to Activities window (Go to menu Project -> Activities)

Select activity, Go to Resource tab, click on Add Resource:


Click on Display -> Filter By -> All Active Resource to see your resource


Select the resources you want to assign and click Assign button:


In Budget column, enter the correct quantity:


By default, when you assign resource to activity, the unit will be distributed linearly. For example: assign 80 m3 to 10 days activity, each day will take 08 m3.

In case you don't want distribute resource linearly, you can show the resource curve column. Right click in Resource tab, click Customize Resource Columns:

How to assign resource, resource loading, make resource plan in Primavera P6-18

Show the Curve column.

How to assign resource, resource loading, make resource plan in Primavera P6-19

Click on the Curve column and select Back Loaded for example.

How to assign resource, resource loading, make resource plan in Primavera P6-20

Now we can see the resource is distributed more at the end period of activity:

How to assign resource, resource loading, make resource plan in Primavera P6-21

Go to menu Project -> Resource Assignments. We can make the layout look like below picture:


(You can download the Primavera layout here)

Now we can easily see the Quantity Plan:



Another useful report is Concrete Plan Chart.

Go to Activities window, Click on Resource Usage Profile.


Select Concrete resource, on the chart area Right click and select Resource Usage Profile Option:


Adjust option like below picture:


Now we can have the report like this:


(You can download the Primavera layout here)

Later, when we update process (having Actual data), the report will be like this:


Thank you for your time to read this article.

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