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On Deliverables

Deliverables are responsibilities.

Part of a Planner’s job is to help the team to IDENTIFY them.

There is a common problem: Team members don’t know what the deliverables are exactly, so they are not sure how to define them, how to explain them, or how to name them.

The planner’s first step is to assure the team that She knows they are doing their best and they are contributing in any possible way, and seeking improvements. The planner tells the team she is there to assist them to explain what they are doing to everybody else. In other words, the planner is there to help them  “describe what they are doing in the right way”, so that everybody on the team and beyond the team will understand it.

Every project needs to build its own language and every language starts with naming. We need “names” to communicate, before “acts.”

Deliverables are the names of the project language.

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