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In most organizations, communication is not a solution, it’s a problem.

It doesn’t matter how much the “leadership team” emphasize its importance; create many channels: email, phone, Skype, meetings; add it to the core values of the organization, or repeat how necessary it is. In this special case, there is no lesson to be learned.

Basic useless communication requires a minimum of two sides, plus time, plus attention. When we ask our team for this, there is a good chance we will get it. That’s why most emails will get a reply, most of the meeting invitees will show up, and many phone calls will be answered.

But rare effective communication needs a secret ingredient, which is Care. It’s not something that we could ask for, it’s not part of the job description, it’s not measurable.

It has to be given to us; it’s a gift. How to be good enough to deserve the gift of Care?

That is the problem.

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