Guild Partner Membership offers a comprehensive solution for the effectiveness of your Project Controls team AND enables employers to assess AND manage their Project Control function much more effectively... your staff benefit by hugely increased efficiency, increased awareness of their roles, how AND where to improve their skills with written guidance and a global community to call upon; realise the business benefits by transforming project delivery and increasing profits.


The Guild of Project Controls (GPC) is a recent initiative with a global remit.  Supported and contributed to by the members of Planning Planet - the world's largest website concentrating on Project Controls.  The Guild has benefited from the day to day issues practitioners experience whist carrying out their roles and is intentionally designed to benefit all parties: namely the individual AND the employer -EQUALLY.

 Planning Planet enjoys an audited membership of over 120,000 - spread over the global regions: 
  • The Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East

Members cover all skill and seniority levels and ALL have one thing in common: they CARE about Project Controls - many giving up their free time to make a contribution to the Guild.

The Planning Planet community is unique - the very best practitioners are available to all who visit the site through our forums - literally millions of visits a year… the odds are, wherever you are in the world, a colleague utilises Planning Planet for help and advice.

Project Controls is often COMPLICATED - how does the Guild help?

(1) THE GUILD HAS WRITTEN COMPREHENSIVE STANDARDS: a reference which we call the CaR - Users have a reference for ANY tool or technique, ANY task at ANY level of competence.  The CaR covers:

    > FIVE EXPERIENCE / CAPABILITY LEVELS: Preparatory, Competent, Advanced, Expert and Fellow
    > FOUR AREAS OF PROJECT CONTROLS: Planning & Scheduling, Cost, Claims and Project Controls itself

WHY SHOULD I TRUST THE CaR? - Taking six years to complete utilising content from the very best Practitioners in the world the Guild is confident of its' CaR.  It's best tested and proven practices, it's available for all Guild members and it's a 'LIVE' document - updated when required therefore always relevant.

     (2) A CAREER PATH MATRIX: offers guidance to the individual AND their manager / employer by detailing options that improve the skills of the individual and enables them to plan their development. The CAREER PATH MATRIX works in conjunction with the ROLE DESCRIPTORS.
   (3) THE GUILD HAS RELEASED ROLE DESCRIPTORS: for any role within any level of competence within Project Controls. So, not only does this help your team, yourself and your peers, the HR function will now be able to better define resource requirements before advertising, screening or interviewing, etc.

IN SUMMARY, the above Guild deliverables ensure the individual has a reference for any task at whichever level of skill or experience he or she has through the CaR.  Further, with the Career Path Matrix your employee is motivated to improve by agreeing career goals and by utilising the Role Descriptors your team understands the knowledge they should have for their role, your HR team better understands Project Controls which for candidate screening for example saves both time and increases effectiveness.

There is still more to being a Guild member:

 (4) WE OFFER ONLINE SKILLS ASSESSMENT: where your employees can by filling in the online form and receive a comparable and consistent appraisal of where the Guild sees both their strengths AND weakness.
 (5) WE CAN TAKE THIS FURTHER: by including appraisals from Guild Fellows who after “candidate interview” will report on their view of strengths, weaknesses and route to improvement. 
 (6) 360o CAPABILITY REFERENCING: an online form where individuals can build a Guild profile for themselves with input from colleagues, employers and of course, clients.
 (7) GUILD KNOWLEDGE LIBRARY: an online reference containing papers, presentations, reports and procedures supplied by other Guild Members for the benefit of companies and practitioners.

In summary here are three more Guild deliverables that can aid your recruitment process and /or enable your employees to improve along a process approved by their employer yet be motivated by the Guild structure.

 (8) COMPETENCY CERTIFICATION - Ultimately, this all leads to Certification which to the Guild is based on proven competence. Guild tests are available online and are secure and proctored by an independent company.
 (9) TRAINING - The Guild is recruiting training partners across the globe and as we are internet based, each training provider will showcase online evaluation from candidates. We are also prepared to authorise in - house specialists.
 (10) CONSIDERABLE DISCOUNTS - We do not seek your organisation endorsing the Guild. We know our offer is extremely comprehensive and reflects Project Controls as a discipline - in its entirety.  We ask you to become a Guild Partner - current Guild membership is USD 150 our partner programme offers considerable discount on this.

There is no restriction for Guild Partners - no matter how small or how large.  Contact us, we can transform your Project Controls environment at a minimal outlay to you.

And there is more!  See to see the documents described here and more Guild products!  Talk to us about BENCHMARKING, MENTORING CONSULTANCY and more.



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