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Virtual Design & Construction; in Stages

"Virtual Design & Construction; in Stages" by Tom Dengenis

Abstract: The concept of ‘Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Stages’ is an important tool when gauging progress towards claiming a company or project to be deemed a modern, 21st century ‘Digital Construction Operation’. Viewing the maturity process as ‘stages’ in a journey, will help the industry move from the 2D CAD files, plan racks, and Gantt chart’s that litter and wallpaper jobsite offices, to computer graphics, structured project data information and, ultimately, into the integrated systems of the digital age that is driving enormous production gains and are common in other industries that construction serves every day.

  • The objective of the VDC process is to ensure the success of construction project delivery through the use of integrated digital technologies that provide scheduling and project management capabilities for the dynamic construction operations environment.
  • VDC’s real time visualization emphasis adds new and exciting ways for project participants to plan - by enabling all participants the ability to see into the future, to understand the past and to know current conditions as they happen.
  • VDC is an essential contributor to clear communications and shared understanding amongst the entire project delivery team.
  • VDC enables performance on a much higher level across all aspects of the delivery process, from safety, work space utilisation and productivity, quality and reliability, to project cost competitiveness.
  • All aspects of performance improve without compromise and the typical constraining trade-offs between time, cost and quality.
  • The inherent defects of the status quo, which has constrained the industry’s ability to improve, are no longer the rule.
  • No longer are time, cost and quality a zero sum game or a puzzle too complicated for the people, process and technology to overcome.

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