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The Ten Worst Scheduling Techniques Used Today (and How to Avoid)!

"The Ten Worst Scheduling Techniques Used Today (and How to Avoid)!" by

  • Glen R. Palmer
  • Chris Carson

The authors, with experience of over 75 years, have seen many types of problems with scheduling

  • The worst of those problems can render schedules useless
  • Dealing with those problems consumes time and reduces project efficiency
  • The problems generally lead to disputes and claims.

Top Ten:

  1. Incomplete Scope and Logic in Schedules
  2. Inconsistent Level of Detail Between Trades
  3. Misuse of Lags
  4. Failure to Provide Periodic Schedule Updates Across Small Windows
  5. Failure to Perform Appropriate Time Impact Analyses for Delays
  6. Failure to Provide Schedule Risk Management
  7. Poor Critical Path Analysis/Management
  8. Lack of Resource Planning Failure to Resulting in Overloading, Stacking, and Inaccurate Progress Projections 
  9. Adjustment of Logic/Durations to Stay On Schedule
  10. Failure to Provide Schedule Constructability Reviews

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