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A Template for Reporting Progress for Linear Construction Work

Title: An excel template for reporting progress for linear construction work


This paper and attached excel file describes and explains the construction and use of an automated reporting template that can be adapted to give a pictorial view of progress against plan for linear construction works.

The template can be adapted and used by others.


This a format that I have used several times to develop a meaningful report for Project Managers and once the plan is populated can be used by site engineers to feed progress centrally.

Attached is an excel spread sheet with 3 tabs, the first two are the working template the third contains a description of how to use the template and how the formulas within the cells work.

Findings and Value:

I have had very positive feedback from management and engineers and once the planed dates are entered the template makes for a very effective way of capturing as built data to be used for progress reporting.

Research limitations/Practical use/Originality:

I have only used this for railway installation projects but the template could be adapted for vertically repetitive tasks in a similar manner. There are many excel templates used for depicting programmes this is one I developed at THSRC and have used several time since.


This an effective and proven process for reporting progress against plan on linear construction works.

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