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A Simple Process for Developing a Multi-Stakeholder, Integrated, Delivery Programme

Title: A simple process for developing a multi stakeholder, integrated, delivery programme.


This paper describes a process used to develop a stakeholder owned, multi disciplinary, integrated, delivery programme.

This process puts the planning in the hands of those responsible for delivering the works in a situation where many different organisations need to contribute to successful delivery of part of a project.


This a process that I have used several times to develop a stakeholder owned, integrated delivery programme, most notably for the operational readiness for Phase 1 and 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project.

I have documented below what I have found to be the key steps necessary to compiling an effective, stakeholder owned delivery programme.

Findings and Value:

This process when run as described engenders a team spirit around a common plan to deliver a specific piece of work.

Each stakeholder recognises the part they need to complete for successful delivery of the whole. If this buy in can be engendered throughout delivery effective, planning, change control, monitoring and completion can be achieved and hence timely delivery is more likely.

Research limitations/Practical use/Originality:

The process described in this paper is based on a process used by CSC (US) (with whom I was working) whilst developing programmes for an operational efficiency programme with British Aerospace in 1998/9.

Since then I have run 5 separate workshops on separate live multi billion pound projects (rail and residential developments) and found it to be an effective way of producing an integrated programme in a multi disciplinary or multi organisational delivery environment.

The technique can be adapted for most delivery organisations where key personnel are in place and the scope is known.


This an effective and proven process for developing an integrated delivery programme. It requires the cooperation and buy in of contributing stakeholders but the process itself helps establish the core of an effective multi disciplinary delivery organisation.

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