Programme Development & Progress Monitoring

The “Accepted Programme” within the NEC3 form of contract is the fundamental tool for administering and control of time and cost issues within the project. It demands robust monitoring and project management control of the programme much more than other contracts such as JCT etc. Fundamentally, the Accepted Programme looks ahead, not back, and requires a collaborative approach by all parties involved within the project.

The programme was developed with the collaborative input of the design team, subcontractors, and client to produce an integrated programme. It was developed to satisfy all the requirements of the NEC3 contract and was therefore:-

  1. Fully logic linked
  2. Resourced in both plant and labour
  3. Time risk allowances
  4. Key dates

The next fundamental step was to manage the programme and record progress. This was done on a weekly basis and re-scheduled. Movement of the programme to identify both time delay issues, opportunities and labour demand requirements were undertaken instantly on completion of a re-schedule of the programme after progress entry. This is also covered in the “Case study of the Emergency Care Centre”, project also submitted.

The programme contained approximately 10,000 activities, and could only be managed electronically. The site invested in significant IT software and hardware to convey the programme management to the full team. His involved use of the internet and use of Smartboards on site to deliver programme requirements. A copy of the significant programme is attached in pdf format. A presentation of the NEC3 Accepted Programme requirements and progress monitoring is contained in a supplemental submission to the Knowledge Library.

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