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Planner Competency Matrix

This competency matrix has been developed for use primarily within the UK consulting industry, and as such may require some tailoring for use elsewhere.

It has 4 main functions:

1) For use as a self-assessment tool, to support and guide planner-led learning.

2) For use as a part of a structured performance and development review process between Planners and their Line Managers.

3) For use as part of the interview process, to provide a structured and repeatable method of assessing and recording a candidate’s competencies, to support hiring decisions and initial grade/salary offers.

4) For use as a management tool, to provide greater clarity over specific strengths and weaknesses within the Planning Function as a whole, which helps to sharpen bids for consultancy work, identify suitable internal resources for specific work, and identify areas of concern where an organisation-wide training & development plan might be appropriate.

Originators / Owners are Gary Whitehead and Denis Ryan

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