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Managing Los Angeles $40 Billion Transportation Program with P6

"Managing Los Angeles $40 Billion Transportation Program with P6"

by Julie K. Owen, CCC PSP, and Brian Criss


For the past two decades, the Los Angeles region led the nation in exponential area growth and traffic congestion. Fortunately in November 2008, residents of Los Angeles County took matters into their own hands and voted to approve Measure R. Measure R is a sales tax initiative that commits $40 billion into traffic relief and transportation upgrades over the next 30 years.

The Measure R program is the largest investment in Los Angeles County transportation infrastructure since the 1980’s, and will provide an estimated 210,000 new construction jobs, and boost the local economy. Because of the program’s size and accountability to the public, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) decided to implement an enterprise-wide web-based program management system.

This paper describes the existing system’s evaluation followed by an enterprise system implementation. Challenges, successes, and lessons learned will be discussed, such as system deployment, organizational obstacles, updating business processes, phased implementation, and training and support.

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