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An Introduction to 77R‐15: Quality Control/Quality Assurance for Risk Management

Title: "An Introduction to 77R‐15: Quality Control/Quality Assurance for Risk Management"

Author: "David C. Brady, P.Eng. DRMP and Dr. Alexia A. Nalewaik"

Abstract: Have you ever had senior management ask questions similar to: How do I know our risk program is working? Is it improving? How have you answered?

The new Recommend Practice 77R-15 is guided by the view of quality improvement as documented in TCM Section 11.4:

In Jurans view, planning and quality management must be guided by a breakthrough way of thinking. Quality improvement should emphasize not just traditional continuous improvement, but also breakthrough changes, which are a dynamic, decisive movement to new, higher levels of performance.

This presentation is a synopsis of how risk management QA/QC is this type of breakthrough thinking. 77R-15 can be used on your project or program, regardless of the size and complexity, by providing QA/QC ideas to allow you to develop your own risk QA/QC program.

Ideally, the risk management processes provide opportunities for all stakeholders and contracting parties to work together and manage risk (i.e. threats or opportunities) in a way that increases the probability of success of the program or project. 77R-15 is one of those processes.

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