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How to Colour P6 Bars Based on Activity Codes

"How to Colour P6 Bars Based on Activity Codes" by Paul E Harris


Many people would like to color P6 Gantt chart bars based on an Activity Code. This is not a built in feature of the P6 Activity Window like other scheduling products such as Asta Powerproject. This may be achieved in P6 in two ways:

  • In P6 Version 8 using the Timescaled Logic function which was enhanced and renamed Visualizer in Version 8.2, or
  • In all Versions of P6 in the Activity Window using Fitters and bar formatting.
  • It is not possible to color Summary Activities such as WBS created by banding in the Group and Sort form with this method but formatting may be against WBS and LOE activities.

The following steps should be followed...

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