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Example of 2-page Monthly Schedule Report

This excel file is designed to generate a 2-page Monthly Project Schedule Report, suitable for presentation to senior management or potentially clients. The first 2 tabs (“Summary” and “Commentary”) form the submitted report (to be submitted in PDF format), with the remaining tabs being repositories for information used to generate the “front-end”.

The Summary page covers Earned value, Probabilistic Completion, Forecast Variance, Milestone and Deliverables tracking metrics and graphs. The Commentary page is a text-only page where more detail and context is given on topics such as slippages, planned activities and schedule risks, along with a description of the 3 most critical paths running through the project.

Generating the report from the raw data has been deliberately left as a relatively manual exercise, to enforce on the report generators an opportunity to understand and sanity-check the data being submitted.

Originator / Owner is Gary Whitehead

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