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An Enterprise Architecture Approach to Project Optimization

Title: "An Enterprise Architecture Approach to Project Optimization"

Author: "Alexia Nalewaik and Claudia Rose"

Abstract: This paper introduces the use of enterprise architectural models as tools for project performance improvement. Enterprise architecture (EA) provides detailed descriptions of enterprise structures (such as: organizations, business units, or complex projects). EA practitioners identify system risks and opportunities by documenting system financial, social and technical aspects. Closely associated with information technology, enterprise architecture is commonly utilized to enhance maturity in heavy manufacturing projects, government programs, and aerospace projects. It also has applications in business optimization and performance management. Much research has been done on project success and performance. Although metrics and checklists have merit, each project is unique and thus distinct approaches are needed to optimize complex projects’ performance. Enterprise architecture strives to mature the organization’s ability to complete projects on schedule and budget, by optimizing performance. The focus of EA, in this context, is on locating and addressing root organizational causes for performance failures. This paper advocates an enterprise architecture approach in the world of complex capital projects. Conclusions will focus on implications for practitioners, and project-specific applications of the methodology.

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