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Duration Estimation Methods Common Methods and Considerations

Title: "Duration Estimation Methods Common Methods and Considerations"

Author: "Heping Xiao/肖和平"

Abstract: In the project management, it will be faced with how to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. The progress plan is the leading factor in project control. It should not only reflect how to arrange the various tasks, but also consider cost savings and maximization of efficiency. In the progress management, project, WBS, and activity duration estimation are also one of the cores of schedule management. If the estimation is inaccurate, it will not only affect the cost estimation, but also affect the resource input and the entire project completion date. Therefore, the activity duration estimation is a result of comprehensive consideration of all factors such as resource input, process method, construction organization, production efficiency, risk identification, project management, site conditions, and external constraints. This article focuses on the core factors that need to be considered for the duration estimation and how to use P6 software to achieve the duration estimate.




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