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Developing a Scoring Model using the GAO’s Schedule Assessment Best Practices

Title: Developing a Scoring Model using the GAO’s Schedule Assessment Best Practices

Author: Stephen J.C. Paterson

Abstract: In today’s economic environment, with Clients and supporting contracting companies tightening their purse strings to developing Oil and Gas projects, there is a definite requirement to enhance the quality of project schedules. It is the author’s opinion that the tools are available but schedule quality continues to dwindle. By adopting the GAO’s Schedule Assessment Guide as a basis, this paper develops a scoring template along with appropriate wording for inclusion in contractual documents, raising awareness to Project Management of the quality required.  A scoring template was developed using multiple iterations of Multi-Attribute Decision Making methodology, and a case study performed to determine the quality of an old Oil & Gas project schedule. The result being benchmarked against two schedule quality software packages. A recommendation on the contractual wording, and cognizance to minimize delays by accepting schedules “subject to” implementation of corrections/improvements are a way ahead to getting schedule definition where it needs to be.

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