CPM Scheduling for Construction: Best Practices and Guidelines

CPM Scheduling for Construction: Best Practices and Guidelines

Edited by: Christopher Carson, PMP, PSP, DRMP; Peter Oakander and Craig Relyea

The present edition, collaboration with the PMI Scheduling Community of Practice, provides readers with a reference guide that is like having an experienced scheduling professional at hand.  The book itself is laid out in a way that follows the phases of building a project schedule: from project planning to project definition and schedule design, to development, maintenance, and usage of the schedule.

Each of these six sections, from planning through usage, is broken up into separate categories for detailed discussion and for easy reference:

Definition – defining the topic term

Purpose – establishing why the topic is used in the planning and scheduling process

Default Conditions – establishing the conditions under which the topic is used and implemented

Best Practices – establishing how the topic is used, the application options, and ways the topic is used, including evaluations of the various practices

Recommended Practices – establishing preferred application or implementation methods, if any

Advisories – establishing what should be avoided in the implementation, and providing lessons learned from the contributors

As a reference manual, CPM Scheduling for Construction: Best Practices and Guidelines is indispensable to assist schedule technicians and project managers step-by-step in the process of developing, analyzing, and maintaining a project schedule.

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