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Comparison of Earned Value Standards

"Comparison of Earned Value Standards" by Paul E Harris


The standards reviewed all meet their stated objectives but are different in their approach to the subject, the level, detail they provide. These statements from taken from their introductions accurately describe each document.

  • AS4817 is a standard that establishes requirements and gives guidance for the measurement and reporting of cost and schedule performance of projects and programmes using the EVPM method.
  • ANSI Standard 748-A guidelines are purposely high levelled and goal orientated as they are intended to state the qualities and operational considerations of an integrated management system using earned value analysis method without mandating detail system characteristics.
  • The PMI Practice Standard for EVM is designed to provide readers who are familiar with the PMBOK ® Guide with a fundamental understanding of the principles of EVM and its role in facilitating effective project management.

The approach used to compare the two standards was to:

  • Summarise the content of AS4817 under its headings in tabular format,
  • Summarise the content of ANSI Standard 748-A and the PMI Practice Standard for EVM on the same table and adding fields where required, and
  • Analyising and discussing the main differences between the Standards.

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