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Common Methods of Duration Estimate and Notes

Title: "Common Methods of Duration Estimate and Notes"

Author: "Deyi.zhang/张德义"

Abstract: During project management, we encounter the challenges of how to ensure the project to be delivered on time and within the budget. Among them, the schedule is the key point of project control, which should not only reflect how to plan and arrange various work, but also consider cost saving and efficiency maximization. During schedule management, project, WBS and activity duration estimation is the key of schedule management. If the estimate is inaccurate, it will not only affect the cost estimation, but also affect the resource input and the completion date of the whole project. Therefore, the activity duration estimate is the result after comprehensive consideration of resource input, process method, construction organization, production efficiency, risk identification, project management, site conditions, external constraints and other factors. This article focuses on the key factors to be considered during the construction duration estimate and how to realize the construction duration estimate by using Primavera P6 software


摘要 在项目管理中,都会面临如何确保项目按时、按预算交付,其中进度计划又是项目控制的龙头,不仅要体现如何去统筹安排各项工作,还要考虑节约成本,效率最大化。而在进度管理中,项目、WBS、活动的工期估算又是进度管理中的核心之一,若估算不准确,不仅会影响到成本估算,而且也会影响到资源投入及项目整个的完成日期。因而,活动的工期估算是综合考虑了资源投入、工艺方法、施工组织、生产效率、风险识别、项目管理、现场条件、外部约束条件等一切因素之后的成果。本文重点介绍工期估算需考虑的核心因素及如何借助P6软件来实现工期估算。

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