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Citgo Kerosene Sample Schedule

Citgo Kerosene Sample Schedule

This schedule is based on 4 projects going through the shop in successive order. Planning includes the JIT delivery of the next batch of materials in order to continue daily progression and maintain safe, unrestricted walk areas and floor space.

Pipe fitting and Welding are based on the Page of Nation man hours per size of weld, pipe schedule: WT(wall thickness)and material properties. Many other factors come into play depending on the type of material.

Planning coincided with the schedule. Yes, all the work can progress continuously except for the space constraints that hinder performing too much work under a single roof at any given time. One can imagine that a 36” pipe, DRL (40 feet + inches) takes up some floor space.

Pipe fitters stay ahead of welders, so pipe fitting begins and when 2 or more spools are fitted, welding begins and continues until completion of the fabricated package. Schedule calculation = 2days pipe fit and preparation + ((Man hours weld total/# welders)/8; the numbers of welders is dependent on current project loading. Pipe fitting is complete 1 to 2 days prior to welding completion, so, therefore pipe fitting commences on the next project with the next raw material delivery at that time.

Hydro-testing begins a few days before all weld-out is finished and hydro completed 2 to 3 days after last weld is made. RT = Radiographic testing (X-Ray), and then most pipe systems paint, then a final delivery.

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