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Analysis of the Difference and Relationship Between Project Management and Project Control

Title: "Analysis of the Difference and Relationship Between Project Management and Project Control"

Author: "Deyi.zhang/张德义"

Abstract: In recent years, the concept of international project management has been greatly promoted in China, almost reaching a household name. But when it comes to project control, it feels strange. This article aims to explain the definition and connotation of project control, and the difference and relationship with project management, so that more people understand the role and significance of project control.

Background introduction

In the decades since China’s introduction of the integration law, China’s project management has made rapid progress in both discipline and practice applications. More and more companies and organizations attach importance to project management, and even many companies have established a modern project management system, and also set up a project management office and other gratifying situations. However, in the course of many engineering projects, especially when foreign-related projects discovered a lot of specific controls, it was found that the landing was not very good. There was no real implementation at the specific project control level, and many people even questioned the project management. What is the relationship between project control? Where is the difference? For this reason, the purpose of this article is to analyze the relationship and difference between the two, and to initiate the study..







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