UK Synergy Conference 2018

Dear Planning Planet members,

We are supporting the UK Synergy 2018 Conference and wanted to tell our UK members about it.  We hope this adds value; it is called Scope & Benefits or Bust!

Or put another way "Closing the gap between scope and benefits delivery with Synergy Conference and Workshops"


Your Friends House 173-177 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ
Opposite Euston Station
Thursday 1 November 2018
And related workshops Wednesday 31 October 2018

This year, in the pause before Brexit, Synergy looks at the delivery of scope and the delivery of benefits.

Imagine the scene. Scope and benefits are not talking to each other. Not sharing their life. Something is wrong with the relationship. They’re both working hard to make it work. Trouble is. They’re not working together. Disappointment disillusion and despair are setting in and neither of them wants that, do they? And nor do we!

Here's the thing. Scope tries to get work by undercutting everyone on cost and time even though everyone knows the estimates are too low. Benefits gets business cases agreed by making up whichever numbers are required to get a green light for approval. Sometimes the benefits are so complex no-one really knows how to measure them. But they still put a number down.

So that's what we're going to try to do at Synergy this year, where two will become one. Working in synergistic harmony.

The Stratford Synergy Players led by Romeo, a predictable stick-in the mud and Juliet, who he hopes will be his friend with benefits, will present a conference in five acts with a supporting cast of professionals from government, commerce and academia who will share their knowledge and all-important practical experiences.

The desired outcome will be a major step forward for the profession by the profession. No longer a profession waiting to be told what to do by people who don't know how!

But will we live happily ever after? Come along and be present.

Also, there will be some in-depth workshops on the day before on themes relating to the main Synergy day. Wednesday 31 October in or near the venue. This could be your only chance to see some of the presenters in the UK.

WORKSHOP 1 - Morning Session 0930-1300

  • Martin Paver
  • [Almost] Everything you need to know to prepare for a transformational AI/data driven project delivery future.

WORKSHOP 2 - Morning Session 0930-1300

  • Simon Harris
  • How do you step-up to the emergent PM role in benefits? Concepts, Steps and Techniques

WORKSHOP 3 - Afternoon session 1330-1700

  • Kik Piney and Steve Wake
  • Earned Benefit – The Great Leap Forward?
  • Participants will receive a copy of Kik's book Earned Benefit

WORKSHOP 4 - Afternoon session 1330-1700

  • Alex Chapman supported by Cranfield Business School
  • Strategy Execution - What Project Managers need to know to be effective partners with the business.  



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