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Independent Guild Certification Board

Function: The Guild of Project Controls Certification Board are trustees who act on behalf of the Guild of Project Control organization to support those practitioners seeking to become Certified by the Guild.  More specifically the Certification Board is responsible for reviewing the findings and recommendations of Guild Assessors and either accepting (approving) or rejecting those recommendations and making the final decision as to whether a practitioner should be issued with the Certification that he / she has applied for.

It is the Guild Assessors role to review the applicants experience profile, certification deliverables, examination results and video conference assessment for each Certification candidate and make recommendation to the Certification Board for approval or rejection.

The Certification Board will receive such Guild Assessor recommendation in accordance with the following:

  • Fellow Level – receive recommendation from 3 Guild Assessors
  • Expert and Master Level – receive recommendation from 2 Guild Assessors
  • Specialist Level – receive recommendation from 1 Guild Assessor
  • Professional Level – receive recommendation from Guild Admin (is a pass / fail on exam)

Certification Board members accomplish their functions through regular face to face or virtual board meetings / dialogue and by establishing an appropriately sized committee structure.  

Practitioners taking on these prestigious part-time roles would be encouraged to consider carrying our presentations and attending events for and on behalf of the Guild of Project Controls.


Position Title: Chairperson of the Certification Board

Function:  As Chairperson of the Certification Board, reporting to the Guild of Project Controls Board of Directors, assures that the Certification Board fulfills its responsibilities for the execution of the Guilds Certification and Credentialing Program in regard to Awarding Certifications based on the Boards review of Guild Assessor recommendations for Certification applicants.

Current Chairperson:  

  • Raphael M Düa (view Profile)
  • Currently based in Australia utilising 55+ yrs of experience

Current Responsibilities:

  • To chair face to face or virtual meetings of the Board and see that it functions effectively, interacts with key stakeholders optimally, and fulfills all of its duties and meets its commitments
  • To determine the composition of any necessary Board Committees and task assignments
  • To appoint committee chairperson or team lead(s) with an eye to future succession
  • To play a leadership role in assisting Guild in achieving ISO 17024 recognition for the Guild

Position Title: Member, Certification Board of Directors

Function:  Provide governance to the organization in regard to the awarding of Certifications

Current Members:

  • Vladimir Liberzon (view Profile
  • Currently in Russia
  • Utilising 46+ yrs experience
  • Zoltan Palffy (view Profile)
  • Currently in United States
  • Utilising 39+ yrs experience
  • David Forrest (view Profile)
  • Currently in United Kindgom
  • Utilising 43+ yrs experience

Function: To provide governance to the organization in regard to the awarding of Certifications


  • To review the recommendations of Guild Assessors and make the collective decision, by majority vote, as to whether a practitioner should be issued with the Certification that he / she has applied for and in the event the Board has concerns or questions about recommendations made by the Assessors, the Board is to require the Assessors to provide clarification / further support to their recommendations
  • To remain assured that the Certification Board and its committees are adequately and currently informed - through reports and other methods - of the condition of the program and supporting operations
  • To assure that the status of the Certification Boards organizational strength and manpower planning is equal to the requirements of the immediate, short term and long range goals
  • To assure that management succession is properly being provided for the Certification Board
  • To play a supporting and contributing role to assist the Guild Leadership in getting ISO 17024 recognition for the Guild credentialing programme

The roles and responsibilities of the Certification Board will develop over time.

If you have any comments or suggestions in regard to becoming involved and / or in adding value or improving the above please do get in touch via

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