Director, Steve Tennant Consultancy Ltd, Various projects in Hong Kong and Asia

START Date: 
January, 2000
END Date: 
June, 2004

January 2000 saw the formation of Steve Tennant Consultancy  and my life as a consultant, rather than as an employee of a Contractor.  Thus as a director and owner of an SME  I became fully experienced in all the challenges of starting up a new business and the need to be able to do things for yourself such as IT and IT support, read and prepare your own accounts et cetera.

I soon received my very first quantum expert appointment which led to my testifying in court and being subject to cross-examination by counsel in HCCT 40/1999.  Whilst many other expert appointments have been undertaken since, this one will remain very dear to my heart. 

In addition to helping contractors and project owners dealing with claims and disagreements during construction projects and in their final accounts, I did a lot of work assisting contractors in preparing pre-qualifications,  as well as preparation and submission of tenders and the formation of international joint ventures for large-scale projects in Hong Kong and elsewhere. 

Other roles involved assisting overseas companies who are interested in becoming active in the Hong Kong market, either by identifying potential takeover targets  or advising them of the state of the Hong Kong market in the particular field they were interested in and how they could establish a local company.

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