Commercial Director, Senior Commercial Manager, Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd, Chek Lap Kok New Hong Kong International Airport Lands, Chek Lap Kok New Hong Kong International Airport site preparation contract, Hong Kong, Kowloon Canton Railway Corporat

START Date: 
September, 1990
END Date: 
December, 1999

During this period my main job title was senior commercial manager for Nishimatsu's international operations, from as far west as Bangladesh to as far east as Seattle, to as far south as Singapore and to as far north as Taiwan. I was also a director of a number of Nishimatsu's subsidiary companies in Hong Kong.  I estimate the commercial value of the projects which I managed during this period to be approximately US$5 billion.

Projects undertaken during this period included some of the  highest value construction projects awarded in Hong Kong as of that date and include, but are not limited to the following:

Route 3 Country Park section (Tai Lam Tunnel and Yuen Long Approach Road) Hong Kong

Design and construction of dual 3 Lane Expressway, including 3.8 km twin tube tunnels, 7.8 km approach roads (at grade and viaducts) and toll Plaza and all administration buildings and offices with all associated E&M facilities. Contract value US$800 million. 

Western Harbour Crossing, Hong Kong

Design and construction of third cross harbour tunnel in Victoria harbour. The project included the construction of an immersed tube/cut and cover twin tube 3 lane road tunnel and route 7 (at grade and viaduct) highway structure with all associated E&M facilities.  contract value US$744 million.

Chek Lap Kok New Hong Kong International Airport site preparation contract

Construction to engineers design of an artificial island with a reclamation area of 1248 ha with 20,000,000 m³ of dredging and disposal, 17,000,000 m³ of sand extraction, 19,000,000 m³ of excavation and 13 km of seawall construction.  contract value US$1.166 billion

Chek Lap Kok New Hong Kong International Airport Landside Infrastructure


Construction to engineers design of airport expressway and other roadworks, drainage and main utility installations. Contract value US$242m


Chek Lap Kok New Hong Kong International Airport Ground Transportation Centre

Construction to engineers design of the airport railway station, bus interchange, taxi and coach stations and vehicular accesses including road viaducts and all associated utilities and services.  contract value US$388 million

The Lamma Power Station, Hong Kong


The construction in three stages, through multiple contracts, over a 17 year period on a remote island, of all civil engineering works for a 3420 MW power station with eight coal-fired units, five gas turbine units and one combined cycle unit. The civil engineering works included all cable routes, roads, cooling water intakes, coal jetty, ash lagoons, boat harbour, chimneys, turbine halls, control centre. This power station set several world records in terms of build capacity. Contract value US$690 million.

Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation West Rail contract DB 350 Tai Lam Tunnel, Hong Kong


Design and construction of a railway tunnel with a section area of 110 m² and length of 5480 m in rock, 360 metres of cut and cover tunnel, ventilation buildings, demolition of existing buildings and all associated E and M works. Contract value US$238 million


Mass Transit Railway Corporation Contract 680 North Point Station Modifications and Tunnels, Hong Kong


Design and Construction of Running and Turnback Tunnels from Quarry Bay to North Point By Hard Rock TBM (3.4 Km) including Modification and Enlargement Of Existing Underground North Point Station. Contract Value US$140m


 Modern Terminals Ltd/COSCO HIT Terminal Eight Development, Kwai Chung Container Port, Hong Kong


Construction to engineers design of container terminal number eight in the Kwai Chung container port. 58 ha four berth terminal and 52 ha associated backup area. Reclamation totalling 110 ha was required, including 12,000,000 m³ of dredging and 25,000,000 m³ of marine fill. Other project features included 1380 m of container quay, 690 m of public cargo working area. 315 m barge loading quay, 1.9 km dual two lane and 3 Lane Access Highway, large multiple cell box culverts and associated buildings. Contract value US$93 million.


 Tates Cairn Tunnel, Hong Kong


Design and construction of 4 km twin tube 2 Lane Hwy tunnels and approach roads complete with all E and M and operating facilities. This project was undertaken for the successful BOT franchise bidder in which Nishimatsu held a 37% shareholding with Nishimatsu managing the bid for the franchise including the provision of finance and operational expertise. I provided the commercial inputs into that bid and was also the commercial director for the franchisee. Contract value US$278 million.


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