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Planning Planet is now involved in recruitment No, we leave the recruitment process to our partners – liaising with candidates AND employers is left to the experts we have chosen as our partners.  We supply a new process which we feel will benefit ALL parties and ensure successful hires - a benefit for all concerned both candidate an employer.


Here is how it works:

  1. Send us your CV and TELL US YOU'RE INTERESTED (via
  2. You can then use the online “SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL to show how great you are
  3. Then make sure your PROFILE on PP up-to-date to demonstrate your SKILLS and EXPERIENCE
  4. Then SPEAK WITH US and we can then show how great you are to employers and get you shortlisted
  5. When an employer wants to interview you we connect you with an independent expert who discusses your SELF ASSESSMENT and helps you understand your STRENGTHS and areas of WEAKNESS (if any) and how to OVERCOME THEM thus creating an “INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT”
  6. You INTERVIEW with the employer to talk about your profile and your proven / independently assessed skills

What IS the involvement of Planning Planet? As Practitioners ourselves we wanted to align lessons we have learnt to helping in the most important process for Project Controls that of choosing the right job with the correct employer we use recognised Guild of Project Controls procedures for YOUR benefit.

This is a bit of a process – it would be much easier to simply apply with my cv We admit it would be easier however, see things from another perspective; by going through our process firstly you impress your prospective employer by the very fact you went through the hoops – most importantly though when it comes to the interview you are MUCH more in the driving seat as your skills ARE PROVEN and you (and they) know, WHAT TO TALK ABOUT at interview!  

Where does the SOTERIA business model leave me?  We all know in this world STANDING OUT IS IMPORTANT and our process ensures you HAVE MOVED YOUR PROJECT CONTROLS SKILLS TO A DIFFERENT level from others. Think about it, you will always have this process to rely on – your skills PROVEN.

Finally, what if I have a disappointing assessment?  Crucially, ASSESSMENTS ARE PRIVATE and only YOU know the results: where else can you have a guide on how to improve from an independent assessor who is a world class expert?


Now read on below and understand what you, the practitioner, get from this process and why this is the best way to apply for a job…
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THE solution to all the difficulties in running a Project Controls environment: written by Practitioners for Practitioners AND their Employers

THE solution to all the difficulties in running a Project Controls environment: written by Practitioners for Practitioners AND their employers

For employees and the self-employed contractor...

This complete process is free of charge and (vitally important to you, we believe) - is completely confidential and subject to your permission who else sees the report we will generate for you...

A Confidential STRENGTH and WEAKNESS Capability REPORT? 

If you can find a BETTER WAY to find a BETTER JOB then tell us and WE PROMISE to tell the entire 120,000+ practitioners on here about it.  Now there is a challenge :)


Yes a REPORT: an online self-assessment and then a conversation with a Guild Assessor (see them here) will tell you lots of things - it will detail your skills and where you have been found to be weaker we will inform you where we think this.  

These Assessors are INDEPENDENT and EXPERIENCED professional project PRACTITIONERS who assess Guild candidates for competency.  

As part of our process we will engage with one or more of them so they can look at your Experience Profile and your Self- Assessment and will then discuss with you, in confidence, where they think you are STRONG and also potential WEAK.  They / we will follow Guild of Project Controls documented good practice practices in all of this.  We ONLY go through this process if a potential employer wishes to know more about you then with YOUR PERMISSION we will act as above.  As a practitioner we feel this is important to you.

The specifics of how this works have been shown above in "The Steps" above. 

Think about it, if you were a hiring manager wouldn't you react positively to a candidate prepared to prove their worth?

All successful candidates (employees and the self-employed) will be enrolled into the Guild of Project Controls with a free annual membership - remember also that your prospective interview will take place with your skills already independently assessed - YOU ARE IN THE DRIVING SEAT!     

TO BE PART of this process CONTACT and let’s get started - a solution shaped by the community, for the community

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