Ronald Romero

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Room 601, Hany Bakery Airport Road (opposite Mashreq Bank) ,Abu Dhabi UAE
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Tel # +971 56-1294280

Date of Birth     05 March 1970
Citizenship     Filipino
Civil Status     Married
Height          166 cm.
Weight 90 kgs.
Profession Civil Engineer

•     Project Planning Management, Quantity Surveying for Infrastructure and buildings
•     Material and Technical Submittal for QA/QC work
•     AutoCAD Drafting eg. Structural Drawings
•     Computer Programming e.g. VBA

COLLEGIATE      33 Units earned
Bachelor of Laws (LLB-1) 2000-2001
          Saint Mary’s University
          Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
B.S. Civil Engineering, 1994-1998
Saint Mary’s University
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
138 Units earned
B.S. Applied Physics, 1987-1994
Major in Hardware and Instrumentation
University of the Philippines at Los Bańos
College, Laguna

SECONDARY     Secondary Education Diploma, 1983-1987
               Saint Mary’s College High School
               Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
               (Graduated with Distinction)

ELEMENTARY     Elementary Education Diploma, 1977-1983
               Saint Mary’s College Training Department
               Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
Civil Service Eligibility     Civil Engineers Board
Place and Date           Manila/November 21-22, 1998
Rating               Passed
License               083040

Planning Manager/ Integrator Clarkebond Middle East Engineering and Management Consultants
(June 14, 2008 - Present) Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
                PO Box 48451
1.     JOB SUMMARY     SB19- Saadiyaat Beach Apartment Project- from Jan. 1, 2009- present. I made the detailed master schedule of the project. This project consist of the construction of Arabic and Mediterranean inspired 5 floor 6 block building consisting of 495 Apartments and ancillary buildings like 6 Substation, Community buildings, pump house, swimming pool, water features, roads, hardscaping and softscape including tie up with district cooling . Work with the enabling work contractor(Soletanche Bachy France) for the piling works consisting of 1964 pile of 600, 750 and 1000 dia piles averaging 15 m. deep. The project cost AED 720 Million. I was also involve in the project management tender for new Villa for SB02 – Saadiyat Golf course project and many high profile management project in its different stage from preconstruction to post construction like transportation projects and food and drugs headquarters in Riyadh.

2.     JOB SUMMARY     Yahsat Sattellite Ground Station Project from June 14, 2008- July 31, 2009. This cost approximately AED 300M. This project involves the construction of a Satellite Ground Station Building with Antenna farm . Building Includes a Common Building, Civil Anchor Building, Commercial Building, Substation and Service Block Building for redundant power configuration and the location for the Chiller system. This also includes precast trenches, wall and Chain link fences. The project involves a Turnkey Contractor (EADS) to built this system including the launching of Satellites for Civilian and Military use. I was involve directly in the administration of the project particularly in Management of the “Master Schedule” and see to it that deliverables like specification and drawing statutory permits, procurement of Topographic survey and ground investigation team including the Enabling works and main work contractor . I was also involve in the Construction tendering and issuance of documents , document controls like maintaining drawing registers and managing of programme of the winning bidder for the enabling works contractor. I did some assignment that was assigned to me by the project manager like compliance statement to the Specification by the Engineer, MEP Consultants (Silcock and Dawson) to the Turnkey Civil Specification for the project . Lastly I was involved in Site project coordination with the enabling work contractor , managing their construction team to expedite the delivery of antenna foundation and organize their material and drawing submittals including the procurement of materials for MEP like generators, MSDB, Panels, HDPE , Fuel Tank, lights etc.

Planner/Programmer Euroestudios SL
(Sept., 2009 – Dec. 2009) WRM Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
                P.O. Box: 58945
1. JOB SUMMARY Low Cost Housing Project - from Sept. 1, 2009- Dec. 31, 2009 . Study, Assessment and Evaluation, Design and Supervision for Improvement, Upgrading, Development and Maintenance of the INFRASTRACTURE FACILITIES and PROJECTS at Madinat Zayed, Liwa, Marfa, Delma, the assigned Islands and Coastal Roads of Western Region .It consist of 1234 Villa broken down as follows Delma 496, Sila 306, Ghayathi 432. I supervise the planning of two maintenance contractor.

Production Planning Engineer Nass Contracting WLL
(Feb. 6, 2006 – March 19, 2008) Ma’ameer Manana , Bahrain
                 PO Box 669     
1.     JOB SUMMARY     
I was involved in different projects:
Stainless Rolling Plant Mill Muharraq from Feb. 6, 2006- Nov. 6, 2006 which cost BHD10M, the Structural Part Alone. Project Consultant was Danieli. Work includes concrete bases for machines, electrical pit , 20 Hi Mill, and other ancillary buildings, water treatment Plant Road, drainage, light post, 66 KV and other substations. Coordinated with Danieli planner for their deliverable so as not to delay the project.

King Hamad General Hospital, 450 Bed Hospital from Nov. 7, 2006 to– Feb. 5 , 2007. Project Cost about BDH 50M . The main consultant was the Australian Design Group.

I was also involved as planner in Marine Works in the initial stage of Diyaar Al Muharraq Project for Revetment Work in Joint Venture Project with Great Lakes who was doing the dredging work. Consultant was Scott Wilson UK. Cost of the first stage is BDH 368 M for reclamation and revetment alone. This is From Feb. 6, 2007 to March 29, 2007. Works includes the reclamation for a rectangular landmass consisting of 34 Million cubic of reclamation which are divided with internal canals and 3.4 Million tons of revetment.

I was involved in other projects like planning for Extension of Sheika Hessa Girls School in Riffa Manama with a project cost of BDH 5 Million and also in the Community Facilities for the Dhurrat Resort Project. Consultant was Atkins and finance by Kuwait Financial Group. Inclusive date is from May 2, 2007 – June 30 , 2007. Works for Sheika Hessa includes the construction a complete school from substructure, blockworks, finishes, furnishing and MEP Works. And for the Durrat Community facilities like Mosques, Picnic Areas, shower and toilets, BBQ pits, piping for Sewerage and Drainage and support infrastracture. It also includes shops, Gyms, Athletic courts including Landscaping and Hardscaping.

I was also involved as QA for The Bahrain Map Junction Interchange from July 1, 2007 – September 30, 2007. I was in charge for material, subcontractor approval and submission, liaised with Material Testing Laboratory and Consultant. Parson Global Services Limited as the Project Consultant under the Ministry of Works and Housing, Bahrain. Project BHD 10.1 Million. Works includes Roadworks , traffic management and Post tensioned interchange.

Lastly I work as planner for the Riffa Views Development for Golf Course Construction a Joint Venture Project with Braemar Golf Development. The Course was designed by EGD-European Golf Design, UK based firm with Colin Mongomerie, The Project Manager was MACE International LTD and the Project Engineer is MSCEB. Project cost BHD 6.25. Inclusive date was from Oct. 1, 2007 – March 19, 2008. Planning works includes lakes, 18 holes , fairways and tees including academy course with cut and fill, sandcapping , shaping and grassing, lakes with precast wall and HDPE liner and geotextile , ponds and dynamic stream made of Shotcrete , weir construction, precast bridges, directional drilling, irrigation networks , sprinklers and recirculating system including installation of pumps, drainage, cartpath and other landscaping works including site lighting .

Planning Engineer / Q.S. Al Fouzan General Construction Company
(Oct. 8, 2003 - Oct. 16, 2005) Malaz, Riyadh
1.     JOB SUMMARY     . I was involved in planning and updating using Primavera ver. 3.0 particularly for

PSAR Third Artillery Battalion and National Guard Military School at KHASHM ALA’AN, Riyadh. Prepared initial project scheduling that includes the necessary data like WBS code for all disciplines necessary to complete the project. Also included are duration, logical sequencing of relationship, custom data item like cost account, zones and division as per BOQ, the necessary activity codes, cost account and resources.

     Organized project groups, logic sequencing, updating and scheduling and using capabilities of Primavera Project Planner like fragnets and global change to expedite the completion of schedule and for easier management of data.
     Coordinated with other discipline for a realizable target schedules and incorporate subcontractors schedule to master schedule.
     Made reports such as two weeks look ahead, monthly reports, progress reports, critical path, resource loading, S-curve and others that the project document requires that help management in decision making and for submittal purposes. I also made zoning and areas in AutoCAD so as to make the project easier to manage and evaluate. Made use of EXCEL in reporting S-curve and make cost vs. time visually appealing.
     Made time extension schedule to finish the project.
     Organized drawing schedule and made AutoCAD drawing as part time job so that backlog drawing does not affect job in progress.

Qassim Medical Center made planning , updating and monitoring for 100 BED hospital containing more or less 1000 activities for the Main Hospital and ancillary building like substation , reverse osmosis plant, precast fences and gates, roadworks and landscaping

Quantity Survey using AutoCAD 2005 for 500 Bed Muna Hospital in Makkah worth SR. 309,000,000. Made
programs in VBA to expedite the quantity take off. I was also Involve in the estimation for new tenders.

     Planning/Estimate Engineer National Irrigation Administration
(April 2003 - Oct., 2003)      Matucay, Allacapan, Cagayan, Phils.

1.     JOB SUMMARY          
1.     Estimate bill of quantities
2.     Compute volume of earthwork
3.      P arcellary mapping and survey

Planning Engineer          Provincial Engineering Office
(Jan. 4, 1999 - Mar. 31, 2002)     Capitol, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
1.     Prepared accomplishment report on road construction and related structure
2.      Prepared AUTOCAD structural drawings
3.     Supervised roadwork construction
4.     Supervised execution of plans and specification
5.     Supervised installation of formworks (shattering) and shoring
6.     Supervised steelworks (rebars)
7.     Prepared program of works in the construction of warehouses and school buildings.

August 12-13, 2008 Participant
                “Aconex Document Control ”
               Training and Practice
                    The Aconex Team
               Abu Dhabi UAE
March 7-8, 2007       Participant
                “Primavera Expedition”
                    MACE International Ltd.
               Riffa Views Golf Club,
Riffa, Bahrain     
     March 23-26, 1999     Participant
Provincial Engineering Office
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
Project Construction Management      PRIMAVERA P3/P6, MS PROJECT 2007,
Word Processing                MS WORD
Spreadsheet                    MS EXCEL
Programming     Turbo Pascal, C++, Assembly, Visual Basic Application
Application Software     AutoCAD 2008, STAAD2003, VISIO, Powerpoint, Outlook
Software and hardware installation and troubleshooting PC, Basic Knowledge in electronics

David Williams
Clarkbond Middle East
Engineering and Management Consultants
Tel. No: +971-501373112

Neil Kerridge
Project Manager
Saadiyat Beach Apartment Project
Tel. No: +971-0566158223
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Oct-2003 (16.7 yrs experience)
Oldest experience: 
Jul 2010 (9.9 yrs experience, WARNING: 6.7 years variance with Professional Since)
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