Planning Planet Premium

For £7.50 a month subscribers have access to online self-assessments where they can measure and visualise their skill levels.   If subscribers wish to improve and fill knowledge gaps this subscription supplies tools that will help them improve and re-assess whenever they want to prove the improvement they have made.

The subscription supplies a certificate proving you KNOW the tools and one proving you can APPLY the tools.

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See below for the description and method to becoming a ‘PROVEN PRACTITIONER’.

  1. Better understand (in private and confidentially) the project controls tools & techniques you know and what you might benefit from knowing
  2. Provide access to a change-controlled and live online desk reference of best tested and proven project controls practices, tools & techniques (as collated and compiled by 600 project controls practitioners)
  3. Have someone else independently prove and recommend your strengths, knowledge and capability
  4. Document (and, if you wish, showcase) your on-going capability development
  5. Have help when seeking a promotion OR a new role OR employer AND to help fast track your career

All the above is carried out in COMPLETE CONFIDENCE - this is the minimum of effort in our opinion to stand out from your peers and get on the CAREER FAST TRACK we all seek at a pace you are in control of.


This PROVEN process has been adapted from the Guild of Project Controls Certification utilised by many and this PROVEN process is an adaptation that utilises crucial indicators.

We are marketing the Guild of Project Controls to corporates directly and over 80% of individuals in our market place know of our intent to promote excellence in Project Controls.  Take advantage of this by becoming a PROVEN PRACTITIONER.


You receive the above ONLY throughout the period you invest £7.50 per month by subscribing here.  This is an introductory rate so get in quick!

Remember, you can from your subscription revisit the online tools until you are happy with the results to show your ongoing development and better understanding of new knowledge and skills.

Our minimal charges reflect our administration costs.

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Please call us on +44 (0) 1784 779 788 or email for a discussion and instructions on what to do.

Be a Planning Planet PREMIUM Member, be PROVEN and fast track your career!