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Planning Planet Premium

PP PREMIUM is the title for a new range of products from Planning Planet each designed to help you further your career and increase your personal competitive advantage.

Below we introduce our first Planning Planet Premium Product...



If you are a Project Controls Practitioner that seeks to:

  • Improve your skills
  • Achieve a promotion 
  • Make that career move

Then subscribe to PROVEN£7.50 / month - cancel anytime + no risk

Proven Practitioner is a confidential and low - cost subscription service from Planning Planet that gives you access to Guild Tools that took many man-years to develop and form a comprehensive guidance in any task at any level of skill! Written by the very best in our industry and PROVEN!

  • Easy to use evaluation process - see where you REALLY are
  • Access to the globally acclaimed Guild Standards - an indispensable reference relevant for your career on your desktop
  • Earn a certificate from a global entity - summarising your skills as a 'PROVEN PRACTITIONER'

This truly unique, confidential offer (all services are between you, our subscriber and us, Planning Planet) is available for a tiny subscription fee!  We are so confident - it is setup such that you can CANCEL at any time! 




  1. You subscribe: the price will have to go up but if you subscribe now the price is fixed
  2. We issue you a license to access the Guild of Project Controls Compendium & Reference (CaR) that documents the "Best Tested & Proven Practices" relevant to us as Project Controls practitioners
  3. We send you the link to self-assess and instructions on how to use the tool and charts
  4. Upon your confidential results we will send you tools to help you improve above and beyond your cv - you improve at your own pace!.  You re-assess when you feel ready to see if you have improved and by how much!
  5. You have access to an online validation test to prove you KNOW the expected Project Controls tools & techniques and upon successful completion we give you the "Proven Practitioner: Knows the Tools" certificate and title
  6. As a bonus you also have access to a more advanced online validation test to prove you can APPLY the above tools too.  This will then get you the "Proven Practitioner: Can Apply the Tools" certificate and title
  7. If you wish we will also send jobs to you - shortly PP will carry hundreds of jobs in Project Controls - our in-house team offers a personal service to Premium Members
  8. We give you a "Proven Practitioner" reference whenever you need it (for new jobs etc) and list you as a 'Premium Member' on your PP profile

Please email if you have any questions.

Be PROVEN and fast track your career!