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  • Our mission is to provide an approach to project execution that implements a modern and sustainable philosophy and prevents unnecessary waste, in all senses. Let Vox Planning get you back on track. A lot of our customers call us when it seems as though nothing can be done, and this is the environment we thrive. Don't hesitate, too late can be right around the corner.
  • Whether you need assistance in maintaining a program of small projects, developing project plans, or making key decisions, Vox Planning is your source. Everyone has a specialty and we are no different. Our expertise is built on our over 30 years experience in project controls, mostly in energy developments. Since Vox Planning, Inc. was established in 2006, our focus has been on the Green Energy Movement. We have participated in Schedule and Program Developments as well as Construction Management for several Solar Power facilities in the U.S and Germany.
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Our mission is to provide an approach to project execution that implements a modern and sustainable philosophy and prevents unnecessary waste, in all senses


Impact Assessment /Claims summary

From a scheduling standpoint, the goal of every project is to be delivered on time and within budget, with desired functionality and acceptable quality level. In an ideal world, projects follow early starts and early finishes, float is not consumed, deadlines are met, the contractor never files claims for time extension, and the owner never assesses liquidated damages. Such a scenario rarely exists on projects – events occur that potentially affect the planned completion of work, requiring a need to evaluate the impending impact of this event on the project schedule. (Learn More)

Program Development

Business success is directly influenced by a company’s ability to plan for the future with a proper balance of development, expansion, profit generation, risk identification and early problem solving. Vox Planning has the experience and tools necessary to level imbalances, plan for resource needs and architect activity timelines for many projects spanning decades of future development. (Learn More)

Project Document Control

Large volumes of documents, daily reports, submittals, transmittals, information requests, responses, drawings, emails, quality incident reports, non-conformance reports, revisions and approvals. Document flow is one of the most complicated and confusing controls to manage on a project. Vox Planning sought to make it all just a bit simpler by creating a database driven software that provides a central location to create and store these common project documents, manage and ensure current revisions are being utilized, and establish easy collaboration wherever the internet is available. (Learn More)

Schedule Development

When a day of non-operation can mean hundreds of thousands of lost dollars, the schedule ranks the most important of project management tools. Over and over we see projects slipping out of profitability because of careless schedule maintenance and reporting. Vox Planning’s Scheduling Staff carries an understanding of this impact and takes utmost care and consideration when documenting and providing information. (Learn More)


The effectiveness of services provided on-site versus remote services can be very significant. Vox Planning has qualified professionals, trained in-house by Senior Consultants; ready to hit the ground running and demonstrate high-level performance when you are in need. Scheduling, Document Control, Administration, Daily Reporting, Meeting Recording, and Consultation are some of the services we offer WHEREVER you are. (Learn More)

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