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13 Apr 2017 - 13:24

We wish a warm welcome to the find people who are offering the PrimaveraReader application. We hope to add more interesting news here shortly.

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11 Apr 2017 - 23:15

At OnTrack we look to address the most critical capital project issues of today and welcome your participation at our future webinars, workshops and other events.

Please refer below for the list of events we will be holding, attending, sponsoring, joining as speakers or presenters. If you plan on attending and want to learn more, come by our booth for a chat.

For up to date information on events, workshops and webinars please check the News & Events section of our website.

Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, OrlandoApril 10-12th
IEOM 7th Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, RabatApril 11-13th
Project Management Days, KievApril 20-21st
Regional Meeting AACE International, DubaiMay 1-2nd
PMSoft 16th Annual PM Conference, MoscowMay 30-31st
AACE International Annual Meeting, OrlandoJune 11-14th
16 Mar 2017 - 18:00

Seminar and Reception: Project Controls Best Practices with EcoSys EPC

From industries spanning Oil & Gas and Utilities, through Transportation and Government Contracting, project controls play a vital role in improving project performance. More than just cost reporting, effective project controls help to deliver success throughout the entire project life cycle, from the very earliest stages of project selection and planning through project execution.


  • Date: Tuesday, March 21
  • Time: 5:30-7:00pm
  • Location: Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
  • Schedule: Registration and cocktails will begin at 5:30 p.m.  The presentation is from 6-7:00 p.m. and will be followed by a reception with cocktails and hot/cold hors d'oeuvres. 
  • Topic: Project Controls Best Practices with EcoSys EPC
  • Cost: The event is free of charge.
  • Registration link: Please visit this page

In this presentation, we introduce best practices in project controls that drive improved project performance. Through standardization of processes, integration of data, and automation of reporting, organizations realize a greater ability to:

  • Improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of project controls
  • Achieve visibility into project cost performance across an enterprise
  • Forecast outcomes and take corrective active sooner

Then, we'll demonstrate EcoSys, the industry standard for enterprise project controls software, and how the platform helps to realize best practices.

7 Feb 2017 - 09:59


White Paper: Can ERP Software Effectively Satisfy Project Control's Requirements?

Link: http://info.aresprism.com/erps_effective_project_management

Description: Learn about whether ERP software is truly an effective tool for managing all aspects of a project. It analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using ERP software and offers alternatives for successful project management..


White Paper: DCMA 14-Point Schedule Assessment Explained

Link: http://info.aresprism.com/dcma-14-point-schedule-assessment-explained

Description: This white paper explores the DCMA 14-Point Schedule Assessment and helps readers understand each metric's description, purpose, threshold calculation and threshold value.



Case Study: Centralized Project Controls at Praetorian Construction Management


Description: This case study shares how Praetorian Construction Management uses PRISM to help provide project management services to a wide variety of clients.  PRISM gives Praetorian the flexibility they need while also increasing data accuracy, creating useful reports, and improving forecasting and trending.



Case Study: Power of Integration at Laing O'Rourke


Description: Download this free PRISM case study today.  Learn how Laing O'Rourke Australia implemented a project lifecycle management solution to provide change management control, create a robust labor productivity monitoring and control process, and establish an early warning mechanism to enable confident decision making. 


White Paper: Why Spreadsheets No Longer Meet Today’s Project Management Needs


Description: Download this free white paper today!  Explore why yesterday’s approach to managing cost and risk with spreadsheets no longer works.  While spreadsheets serve many purposes on the construction of capital projects, it can be ineffective as a core “business critical” application.   



Case Study: Enterprise Reporting & Earned Value Management at LLWR


Description: Download this free case study today!  Explore how LLW Repository Ltd used PRISM to improve reporting, reduce reliance on spreadsheets, and increase control over their processes.

They are now able to produce reports quickly while having total confidence in their data.





3 Feb 2017 - 09:10

Great news! Trimble TILOS 9.1 is now available

This new version offers new capabilities including:

Improvements for Mass Haulage

The mass haulage functionality has been improved in 3 ways:

1.) Adding support for bulkage and shrinkage while moving earth from one site to another. This allows more accuracy regarding the volumes as on excavating. As you progress in the project, the volume will grow and after compaction, the volume will reduce.

2.) The Haulage will now include the haulage type. This is based on the type of machines on which the haulage is done (short distances with the with bulldozer, long hauls with a truck). Each type has associated templates for generating tasks and automatically associating the correct type of resource. Filters can be applied to manage haulages by type. This makes scheduling easier as all hauls from a certain type can be created at once using the haul wizard that creates the tasks. It calculates the durations and links the activities into a chain.

3.) The data import from business center has been enhanced. Now both shrinkage and haulage types are supported. After running the haulage function in Business Center - HCE the data is imported and visualized in TILOS. This allows you to build your construction schedule even faster.


Scheduling mass haulage operations is easier and can be done in faster and and more accurately. Filter the Mass Haulage Diagram by haulage type, select the haulage's and use the wizard to create the cut and fill tasks. Resources get assigned based on the templates for that specific haul type. The wizard links the series of cut tasks created by finish to start links. If the cut task is adjusted, the fill task duration is automatically updated. 

More fexibility and more accuracy for task parameters

To calculate the resources production rate, you may create complex formulas. Almost all task values like quantity, duration, Free numeric fields can now be included.

In the templates for mass haulage, we will now give you the earth moving procedure formulas that reflect more variables and give you better information and accuracy about the schedule - specifically by giving you the bulkage factor on excavation as well as the transport distance.


Although the same resources are used in each task, the production rate differs based on the transport distance. The bigger the distance, the lower gets the production rate.


Import from Novapoint and Tekla civil

Two new interfaces allow you to import the site data such as elevation and volumes for the different work types and layers.

The Scheduler, when planning tasks in a certain distance range, will automatically see calculated volumes in order to set a realistic duration for the tasks.

Visualization of Filter settings

In a project schedule for a big construction project very often multiple thousands of tasks are planned. To focus the outputs on the specifc needs of the planner and executer, a new filter can be applied to view, histogram and other outputs.

Easy to see symbols will visualize which filter is currently applied


When using Gantt charts with an active task filter, TILOS 9.1 now displays a filter symbol on the top left edge indicating that this Gantt chart is filtered.

When using Resource bar charts with an active task flter, TILOS 9.1 now displays an Asterisk Symbol (*) at the end of the diagram name to indicate that this diagram is filtered. Filtered resource bar chart lines can be identifed with the flter symbol.


Beneft: Enhanced transparency of settings and assistance for the user.


TILOS supports many functions to calculate the data of the successor. In TILOS 9 we introduced pure distance links and the functionality to set the coordinates of the successor based on the predecessor and link attributes. This enhancement now provides lead and lag of the tasks for distance parallelograms. Railway planners especially can benefit from this to visualize the shape of the task represents the train moving along the track.


This functionality has been enhance that we can now refect lead and lag of the tasks for distance parallelograms. This function was wished by railway planners while the shape of the task represents the train moving along the track.

View scaling tools for full screen

We added two new tools in the main toolbar for Integrated Views.

Display Page Width: This tool resizes the view scale, that the full width of the View is visible on screen. Display Page Height: This tool resizes the view scale, that the full height of the View is visible on screen.

With one click you get the screen adjusted to see whole width or the whole height.

Attaching file links to tasks

TILOS 9.1 supports to add file/document links to tasks. Each task can have multiple files/documents assigned. Directly from task context the document can be viewed with the connected windows application. Additionally a graphic symbol visible at the task indicates that there are files linked to that task.


Benefit: More documentation and connection to additional information like plans, charts or calculations can be accessed directly from the task context.

Hierarchical Display of library elements

To make tree structures easier to use, we have added a hierarchical data structure for the library elements:

    • Task Group
    • Accounts
    • Vector lines
    • Fill patterns
    • Symbols
    • Graphics

    Benefit: The hierarchy integrates numerous elements in a tree/folder structure. The elements can be found more quickly and easily.

    WBS and Category path display

    Using Shortcuts for level names in WBS and Category is useful for having short paths, but the paths will eventually be less readable. We have introduced a second path for categories and WBS build from the description value. Those longer description paths can also be displayed with tokens in annotations and grid tables.

    Benefit: Better readability and understanding of the WBS / Category level.


    Copyright 2017, Trimble Inc.

    Click here to read more about the new features

    If you currently have a maintenance contract, we will provide you with the download link and your new product ID. If not and you want to upgrade, please contact our sales team


    We have already begun work on new versions of TILOS for 2017 to continually improve the capabilities to meet your demands. We appreciate your feedback! If you need changes or extensions of TILOS please do not hesitate to contact us.

    i.A. Peter Lenk
    TILOS Sales Manager EAME 

    i.A. Silvio Bedenikovic
    TILOS Support

    25 Jan 2017 - 16:45

    Our Cost Data Books contain all the “real world” construction cost data needed to develop preliminary & detailed estimates, prepare schedules and check change orders specific to 120 + countries. This year’s editions have been fully updated to reflect 2017 costs and are now available!

    These publications are used by major Oil, Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power & Mining companies and by large, medium and small EPC’s, Architects & Consultants around the world. In today’s volatile construction market, it is vital that estimators / quantity surveyors use the most up to date cost data available.


    No cost library is complete without our books, get yours today! View Our Cost Books

    22 Nov 2016 - 17:35

    The Guild of Project Controls are very proud to welcome CH2M Water to the Guild Family.

    Watch this space for more news on this exciting partnership...

    25 Sep 2016 - 19:38

    Spider Project is most functional and powerful professional project management software.


    The first SP version was launched in 1993 and since then it has been constantly improved. Today is used in 34 countries though most Spider Project customers are in Russia. Spider Project offers numerous unique functional features and is the only PM software that optimizes resource, cost, and material constrained schedules and budgets for projects and portfolios.

    The unique features of Spider Project include Quantity Based Scheduling, Conditional Scheduling, Skill Scheduling, Optimal Resource, Cost and Material Leveling, Resource Critical Path Calculation, Cash and Material Flows Calculation and Management, Trend Analysis, Advanced Risk Simulation and Analysis, Calculation of Success Probability Trends, Calculation and Management of required Project Time and Cost Buffers, Application of Corporate Norms, Management of many Parallel Budgets, Multiple WBS and many others.

    Spider Project was and is used for management of many large scale programs in Russia, including $51bln construction program for 2014 Winter Olympic Games preparation.

    The application areas where Spider Project is successfully used include Aerospace, Banking, Construction, Defense, Energy, Engineering, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Railways, Retail, Shipbuilding, Software Development, Telecommunications, Utilities, etc.


    26 Jul 2016 - 22:55


    Recorded 90-min Program


    Fundamentals of Construction Project Scheduling

    Listen to this program to learn fundamentals of schedules and scheduling, and help you and your staff understand how schedules work, how to read them and how to put them to use to ensure a successful project. Learn more or order.

    24 Jun 2016 - 06:19


    • Our mission is to provide an approach to project execution that implements a modern and sustainable philosophy and prevents unnecessary waste, in all senses. Let Vox Planning get you back on track. A lot of our customers call us when it seems as though nothing can be done, and this is the environment we thrive. Don't hesitate, too late can be right around the corner.
    • Whether you need assistance in maintaining a program of small projects, developing project plans, or making key decisions, Vox Planning is your source. Everyone has a specialty and we are no different. Our expertise is built on our over 30 years experience in project controls, mostly in energy developments. Since Vox Planning, Inc. was established in 2006, our focus has been on the Green Energy Movement. We have participated in Schedule and Program Developments as well as Construction Management for several Solar Power facilities in the U.S and Germany.
    24 Jun 2016 - 05:55


    • Our mission is to create long-term value for clients, shareholders, and employees.
    • Our culture is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, treating clients and each other with dignity and respect.
    • We work hard to enhance our reputation, assure our success and profitability in the future.
    • We meet the needs of the markets we service.
    • We desire to be valued as an industry leader in product performance, client satisfaction, sales growth, financial strength and profitability.
    24 Feb 2016 - 17:15

    View Systech Vacancies: here


    Find out what a typical day in the life of our Planner and Forensic Delay Analyst Richard Worsey 

    I am a planner and forensic delay analyst. The two roles are interchangeable and in my opinion we cannot be considered delay analysts without appropriate and contemporaneous live planning work. Construction changes constantly and without recent experience it is difficult to maintain credibility.

    Read on

    Bob Cooper explains the recent changes made to the Delay and Disruption Protocol by the Society of Construction Law

    The Society of Construction Law is reviewing its Delay and Disruption Protocol, which was issued in 2002, a process that will ultimately result in the preparation of a second edition. In the first of a series of review updates, the Society has changed its guidelines for retrospective delay analysis. In this article, Systech International Director Bob Cooper explains the change and outlines where further clarification is required.

    Read on


    Stephen Twaites writes our latest legal blog 'Doing it the conventional way'

    In the recent case of Mears Limited v Shoreline Housing Partnership Limited[2015] EWHC 1396 (TCC) the Technology and Construction Court considered the good faith obligations in clause 10.1 of NEC3; estoppel by convention; and entire agreement clauses, quite a collection of issues, all in the context of a case that neatly illustrates the dangers of failing to agree a clear payment mechanism.

    Read on


    Read our latest blog 'On the Road; North, South, East, West...America!'

    Read our latest blog 'On the Road; North, South, East, West...America!' - Michael Golding, Senior Consultant at Systech International, reflects on seven years across the pond in the USA. Click here


    Systech International has further expanded its USA-based operations with the opening of an office in Philadelphia, PA

    Systech International has further expanded its USA-based operations with the opening of an office in Philadelphia, PA, to support clients and projects within the North-Eastern USA regions, including major markets such as Boston, New York, Washington DC and the Marcellus and Devonian basin shale gas projects within the region.The office will be run by Christopher Mather, who has joined Systech as our Vice-President, East Coast, USA. Find out more...


    Systech Insights First Edition Launch

    Systech are pleased to announce the first edition of Systech Insights in which we share our expertise and opinions on a range of topical issues

    Click here to read Systech Insights


    Canada: Poised for Growth

    Andrew Illingworth, Vice President Canada, celebrates the growth, diversity and opportunities in the land of the maple leaf.

    There is much synergy between our clients in Canada and those in Europe and this has led to Group Managing Director Mark Woodward-Smith regularly travelling across the Atlantic to support them on their projects and to liaise with our team in Canada. Mark Woodward-Smith will be travelling to Canada on Tuesday 4th June

    Click here to download


    Systech International Appointed on Framework Agreements with Asian Pacific EPC Contractors

    Systech International has been working in Asia Pacific for over 20 years and we now have 11 offices in the region...

    Click here to read on


    Be trained by Systech International to improve your business and project performance

    Systech International has received an upsurge of interest in its training services across all regions with recent appointments by major contractors on business improvement programmes, FIDIC and NEC contract awareness workshops and claims/disputes avoidance seminars.

    To read on click here


    Systech Visualisation offers innovation in tender support and dispute resolution

    Find out more here


    New...The Systech Blog: The Importance of Cost Control in Construction Contracts

    Our latest blog explores the importance of cost control in construction contracts

    Click here to read our latest blog

    Give us your feedback via LinkedIn or Twitter


    The Systech Blog: Prevention Better Than Cure

    Click here to read our latest blog


    The Systech Site Diary App

    The Systech Site Diary App is being used by main contractors and subcontractors to improve their project record keeping and team performance.

    Click here to find out more

    Follow us on @systech_int



    Systech International E-alert: The Importance of a 'Pay Less Notice' in Termination

    Bob Cooper, Director of Disputes, gives us his insight into the importance of a 'Pay Less Notice' in Termination.

    To download our latest blog please click here

    Please follow us @systech_int to keep updated with Systech International


    Want to know what a typical day is like for one of our Planning Engineers on an international project?

    Andy Dunbar, one of Systech International's Planning Engineers, writes about his role and how his career has developed with Systech International. Click here to read

    To read more of our day in the life profiles. Click here

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    Systech International E-alert: Part 2 - Float Mapping, Concurrency and Compensation

    In Part 1 Bob Cooper, Head of Disputes, discussed float mapping against a set of facts with regards to delay and extensions of time. In this part 2 Bob Cooper will discuss, with the same facts, concurrency and compensation.

    To download Part Two please click here


    Systech International E-alert: Part 1 - Float mapping and the extension of time

    It is well established that in most contracts the planned critical path will change many times during the life of the project. One of the problems when using a planned v as-built method of delay analysis, particularly on a pure observational basis, is that it is not often clear where the critical path has been or when it change. Bob Cooper, our Director of Disputes, gives us a solution to this problem.

    To download Part one please click here


    Systech International E-alert: Record keeping - such a hassle!

    Daniel Campbell, one of Systech's paralegals, writes an interesting article about the importance of keeping records and the legal implications of failing to maintain adequate records.

    To download the latest article please click on the following link Systech International E-alert


    Want to know what a typical day is like for our Planning Director at Systech?

    Phil Durrant, Planning Director, writes about his role and how his career has developed with Systech. Click here to read.

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    To read more of our Day in the Life profiles please visit our careers page.


    Systech International E-alert - Isn't it time that Contract Drafters led the way with Delay Analysis?

    Bob Cooper, Director of Disputes, writes an interesting article surrounding the issue many have with the various methods when dealing with delay analysis.

    To download Bob Coopers latest article please go to Systech International E-alert


    Systech International E-alert - The Importance of a Robust Programme

    Phil Durrant, Planning Director, highlights the importance of a robust programme, focusing on what a Project Programme is, and why we need one.

    To download the latest issue, please click on the following link Systech International E-alert

    23 Jun 2015 - 13:49


    Astad Project Management have signed an Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with The Guild of Project Controls, a new Global Initiative which delivers Excellence across all areas of Project Controls and encompasses all markets involved in delivering Projects including: Oil and Gas, Transport, Construction, Buildings, Infrastructure, Museums and Stadiums.

    As The Guild recently launched, ASTAD are the first Organisation in the World to take an Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement with The Guild which means ASTAD run the Region of Qatar on behalf of The Guild itself. This Agreement is for a three year term and enables ASTAD to form and run its own Guild Community representing individuals and other Organisations who wish to be involved as Guild Sponsors.

    Formed from the free to join website Planning Planet with over 100,000 members worldwide (including some 1,000 already in Qatar,) The Guild has written Standards with input from 600 members and has generated documents called The Standards of Practice and Role Descriptors which not only define work practices but also the knowledge required to carry out any particular role within Project Controls itself.

    Supported also by a Global Examiner, PeopleCert; The Guild is set to launch a Global Certification process which enables individuals to demonstrate their competence in their chosen role or study to improve themselves safe in the knowledge that written Standards are there as a reference.

    Historically, Project Controls has suffered from many Companies working to different methods and levels. Two years ago, The Guild launched its first document a Guild Career Path which has been approved by many of the top Organisations involved in this market.

    The aim of The Guild is to set the Global Standard within Project Controls and within all disciplines which will enable both individuals and their employers to work in a much more efficient way - increasing their efficiency and transforming their Delivery Costs.

    The Guild works currently across three areas: Planning and Scheduling, Cost Management and Forensic Analysis (Contract Claims).

    For individuals, Certification is available from Beginner Level to Proficient, Advanced, Expert and finally Fellow Level -

    Pierre Snyman of ASTAD is formally recognised as the individual who is heading up The Region in Qatar on behalf of both Planning Planet and The Guild itself. Pierre is a fellow level with more than 30years experience in Oil and Gas, Mining, Building, Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction industries and 15 years in project controls and worked in 6 countries worldwide.(South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Iceland, Kazakhstan and Qatar) Pierre is currently the project controls director in ASTAD.

    1 Dec 2014 - 13:09

    London, United Kingdom (13 November 2014) Amec Foster Wheeler plc today announces the creation of a new force in global engineering, project delivery, asset support, power equipment and consultancy following the completion of the £5bn combination of AMEC plc and Foster Wheeler AG.

    The new company, Amec Foster Wheeler, has a highly skilled workforce of over 40,000 in more than 50 countries, 2013 annualised scope revenues of £5.5 billion1 and a £6.3bn order book. The combined company would have generated pro-forma trading profits of £521 million in 2013.

    Amec Foster Wheeler designs, delivers and maintains strategic and complex infrastructure assets across a range of markets. It has a strong presence across the onshore and offshore oil and gas value chain – from production, through processing, gas monetisation, midstream, oil refining and chemicals.

    Amec Foster Wheeler is also a major player in the mining, clean energy, power generation, environment and infrastructure markets, using its increased scale to widen and deepen customer relationships. In addition, Amec Foster Wheeler is a leading designer, fabricator and supplier of advanced boiler systems for the power generation and industrial markets.

    The combination strengthens its already considerable positions in North America and Europe and further enhances its established presence in growth markets of the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Amec Foster Wheeler has more entrenched market presence and penetration prospects and will also enjoy a broader spread of customers among both independent oil majors and the world’s national oil companies.

    Based on 2013 pro-forma numbers, 56% of its revenues came from oil and gas, 19% came from clean energy, 9% from environment and infrastructure, 8% from the Global Power division and 8% from mining.

    The engineering and project delivery operations will be managed through three geographic business units: Americas; Northern Europe & Commonwealth of Independent States; Africa, Middle East, Asia & Southern Europe. The Global Power Group, the power equipment business, will operate across all geographies.

    These four business units will be supported by a global strategy and business development function - focused on the development of market and regional strategies, customer relationship management and business acquisition, and a project delivery function - to assure and drive project excellence and leverage Amec Foster Wheeler’s global talent and experience. High Value Execution Centres and Centres of Expertise will support this activity.

    7 Oct 2014 - 11:35

    Hill International Construction Recruitment Fair

    Hill International are holding a recruitment fair and would like to invite construction professionals who can fluently speak and write English, and are qualified and experienced in the following disciplines to meet us to see how Hill International can benefit your career.

    For more information please

    12 Jan 2013 - 14:19


    Oracle delivers the world's leading project portfolio management solutions to help enterprises achieve and maintain strategic advantage. Only Oracle supports the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management within a single, integrated, accurate view of all project-related activities.

    • Only Oracle offers a comprehensive scenario modeling and "what if" approach to portfolio alignment and optimization
    • Only Oracle enables companies to run global projects and programs by supporting multiple currencies, languages and business units
    • Only Oracle offers a single global project repository providing complete, secure and personalized project information for all team members
    • Only Oracle offers efficient drill downs from summary information for deeper level analysis
    • Only Oracle effectively controls project issues and changes to determine the impact of potential changes on cost and, schedule, so you can plan accordingly
    • Only Oracle allows for sharing of project information anytime, anywhere, with a single instance view
    • Only Oracle is the market leader in automating operations and finances by integrating project portfolio management (PPM )with customer relationship management (CRM), financials, human resources management systems (HRMS), procurement, and product lifecycle management (PLM)
    12 Jan 2013 - 13:18

    Growing With Parsons Brinckerhoff

    Parsons Brinckerhoff is committed to recruiting and retaining qualified, motivated staff who can support our clients effectively on projects around the world. We are involved in a wide array of projects, large and small, in various markets. Our extensive portfolio provides numerous opportunities for our staff to hone their skills and to meet new challenges.

    Parsons Brinckerhoff offers a range of career development and professional enrichment programs, including:

    • Internal research and development programs that allow staff to explore a technical subject in detail
    • Employee networks that promote dialogue and knowledge-sharing among staff
    • Training and mentoring programs aimed at enhancing business and technical skills
    • Internal certification programs that provide recognition for individual accomplishments

    In addition, Parsons Brinckerhoff employees have access to a robust benefits program designed to meet both individual and family needs. (Parsons Brinckerhoff is a global company, and benefit packages may vary from one region to another.)

    Our company has a diverse employee base, made up of individuals with widely varying backgrounds who are at different stages of their professional careers. They share a common goal: serving our clients according to the highest standards of excellence. We invite you to join Parsons Brinckerhoff and grow with us.

    12 Jan 2013 - 13:11

    Mott MacDonald has been awarded two framework agreements by HS2 Ltd for engineering and environmental services for Phase Two of the High Speed 2 Rail scheme – a Y-shaped rail network providing high speed train links between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. This follows the consultancy’s role over the last 2 years developing the route options for the line from Birmingham to Manchester.

    HS2 Ltd awarded the Phase Two (Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds) professional services framework agreements following an OJEU process and will be awarding work package contracts through secondary competitions.

    Mott MacDonald is currently heavily engaged on Phase One of the scheme, preparing preliminary designs for the London Metropolitan Area section, as well as environmental advisory services for Country South including Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northants.

    The consultancy is also providing land referencing services for Phase One of the proposed scheme.


    Market Place

    See how the TIME - LOCATION - VIEW brings clearness to your work programmes
    For 25+ years, APMX has been providing competency based project management training to Fortune 500 companies around the world, applying the principles of project based learning, designed to produce measurable results, generating a favorable “return on training investment”.
    Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project books, on-line video training courses and training material available from an internationally recognised publisher and PMI accredited REP. Teach yourself using on-line or book based learning or run your own in-house or public PMI accredited courses.