Good News, Sad News

Dear members,

It is with a sense of achievement that we write this newsletter- at PP and the Guild Towers things are going to change… Forever   Why?


The GOOD News

The Guild has entered into an agreement with the LARGEST training company on the planet.

What does this mean to everyone in Project Controls?

At long last the ability for all to train and attain the standards we all know are required for our profession and the ability to certify those that can already prove their worth according to the GPC CAR

Most importantly your section or division head can see with a world class training partner these certifications mean…

  • Greater teamwork - with global coverage we can all work to similar standards - use the CAR to review them!
  • Transformed efficiency
  • More profit
  • Less disputes between delivery partners
  • Roles all defined - improved management effectiveness

All this and a Comprehensive Guild Support / Sponsor Package - contact for more info! We are offering benefits that are unique...

Remember the Guild is a global initiative across all disciplines in project controls and all levels of competence.

For you the project controls practitioner it means an endorsed career path and a global recognition criteriaanywhere in the world pan-industry.

Finally, we have kept our promise…

At Project Challenge in London, England on the 11th and 12th October PP and the Guild will be there on a Stand with our Global Training Partner - come and see us!

Register for Project Challenge, London, England

If you have not got the time to register just come along! Hear the whole story…

Hundreds of candidates have sat the Guild PILOT TESTS…

Feedback from the pilots will be published shortly!

It's good!!!

Thank you for participating (in your hundreds)!



With the above information in mind - the Guild requests the termination of the Lifetime Membership Fee offer on the 9th October 2016.

Take advantage now -- Guild Membership means discounts on training, events, etc.

Register for the One-Time Lifetime Membership Fee 


One Final QUESTION...

In response to our earlier newsletter we have been receiving lots of great ideas and opinion in regard to our request to gain user consensus on the naming of the Guild Levels and Certifications.  

Because it is our duty to implement community consensus and for those of you who have not yet interacted with Guild Admin on these here is the current consensus...

Level / Certification NameStream / Certification Discipline
Guild Fellow of...
Planning & Scheduling (GfPS)
Cost Management (GfCM)
Forensic Analysis (GfFA)
Project Controls (GfPC)
Expert Level Certification in...
Planning & Scheduling (GePS)
Cost Management (GeCM)
Forensic Analysis (GeFA)
Project Controls (GePC)
Advanced Level Certification in...
Planning & Scheduling (GaPS)
Cost Management (GaCM)
Forensic Analysis (GaFA)
Project Controls (GaPC)
1st Place = Qualified Level Certification in...
2nd place = Competent Level Certification in...
3rd place = Professional Level Certification in...
Planning & Scheduling (GqPS)
Cost Management (GqCM)
Forensic Analysis (GqFA)
Project Controls (GqPC)

1st place = Preparatory Level Certification in...
2nd place = Foundation Level Certification in...
3rd place = Intermediate Level Certification in...

Planning & Scheduling (GpPS)
Cost Management (GpCM)
Forensic Analysis (GpFA)
Project Controls (GpPC)

Where PS = Planning & Scheduling, CM = Cost Management, FA = Forensic Analysis and PC = Project Controls

If you want to join in the debate and offer your opinion then please email Jo at

Thank you for your patience in the Guild initiative.  

Come and see us at Project Challenge in London’s Olympia it's easy to get to!

See you at Project Challenge - where there will be three Guild Speakers see the details on the Project Challenge website.

Much more to follow....

Thanks again,

... and appologies for our poor spelling :)

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