Practitioners with Experience in: Canada

  • Senior Planner/Risk Analyst/Project Controller

    Length of Experience: 25+ years
    Filing Tags: Australia, Canada, Civil Works, Claims, Korea, Malaysia, Oil & Gas, Practitioner for Hire, Qatar, Risk Management, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

    Been with current employer since January 2008.

    Senior project planner and project risk specialist with proven background in Project Controls on large scale projects on a global scale. Experienced planning and risk workshop facilitator with a thorough understanding of applied project controls functions and the project risk management process. An expert user of Primavera (P6) and PertMaster/Crystal Ball for Monte Carlo risk analysis with extensive experience on onshore and offshore projects.  

    A thorough understanding of the full planning process from early FEL planning through execution and start-up. Proven ability to develop a systematic process for planning scope, monitoring progress, assessing trends and impacts, managing change, and analyzing, evaluating, and forecasting results to support timely management decision-making. Thorough understanding of the application of contingency and management reserve and recommending corrective actions with the goal of achieving management and project objectives.

    Proficient forensic schedule analyst with experience in claims preparation and trend analysis. Experienced with integrated project controls systems and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). Provides guidance, direction, interpretive and predictive specialized assistance for the resolution of difficult project control problems with a thorough knowledge of industry practices and technologies.

    Robust communication and presentation of status of schedule and budget and interfacing with project stakeholders at all levels, both internal and external to the project.

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    3 years 9 weeks ago
    Todd Bilstein

  • Construction Oversight Scheduler

    Length of Experience: <5 years
    Filing Tags: Canada, Civil Works, Practitioner for Hire, United States

    Been with current employer since December 2011.

    This Construction Oversight Scheduler has proven capabilities in being responsible for owner schedule coordination and oversight of construction contractor schedules for logic and fragnets on multiple projects as well as future projects. Duties currently include the review of Contractor baseline and schedule update submittals for contract conformance. The review of weekly look-ahead schedules and monthly schedule submissions.

    Able to coordinate schedules with the owner’s master schedule.

    Able to monitor/ report on non-conforming schedule cpm logic and able to identify and reports to immediate supervisor in regard to schedule problems.

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    3 years 9 weeks ago
    Jess Lumley