Guild of Project Controls Preparatory, Planning and Scheduling

Training Courses (Instructor Led)
The aim of this training is to provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of the Guild of Project Controls Planning and Scheduling skills level at the GPC Preparatory level.


The aim of this training is to provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of the Guild of Project Controls Planning and Scheduling skills level at the GPC Preparatory level.

This course provides the core and role-specific elements at a Preparatory Level (demonstrate the ability to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND relevant facts and elements) for all Project Controls Practitioners who operate at different phases or stages within the overall “Life Span” of “Projects”.

  • DURATION - 3 classroom days
  • WHEN - September 2017 and October 2017 (contact us to enquire)
  • WHERE Wokingham Training Centre  
  • COST -  GBP 800.00
  • EXTRAS - Lunch will be provided and the course includes a Guild Certification Exam and Membership
  • INSTRUCTOR - Mr Guy Tozer is co-founder and Director of Doriq Ltd, and has acted for several years as a senior advisor and methodologist to Global Knowledge. Guy has been a principal consultant with GK and other bodies on the development of professional practices nationally and globally. He has over 30 years’ experience offering senior-level guidance in large, global organizations. In addition, he has been responsible for designing and commissioning key professional methodologies, operating models, support environments and quality assurance for these clients.
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The course covers 4 modules: Managing Project Controls,  Managing Scope, Managing Planning and Scheduling and Managing Project Progress.  

At this level the practitioner is not expected to have or know how to apply any significant risk analysis or resource levelling to the schedule and this course therefore does not need to include the scope of the remaining available modules; Managing: People, Risk, Contracts, Resources, Cost Estimating & Budgeting, Change, Databases or Forensic Analysis. Competent Level – Planning & Scheduling and Advanced Level Planning & Scheduling courses will address these more advanced analysis and adjustment topics.The course includes the Planning and Scheduling Preparatory exam and a discount applies for existing Guild of Project Controls members.


There are no prerequisites for this course however as part of the certification process the Delegates will be required to submit

  • 1 x Experience Profile
  • 3 x 360 Degree References - 1 x Peer, 1 x Supervisor and 1 x Client  
  • 1 x Career Path Development Plan 


  • Managing Project Controls - covers fundamental components essential to successfully managing Project Controls such as assets, life spans and organisational strategies/structures and how the modules link together to enable us to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close a project.
  • Managing Scope - focuses on the Work Breakdown Structure along with other processes that should be followed to assist with scope management.
  • Managing Planning and Scheduling - deals with quantities of work and production rates only while focusing on how to create a straightforward, logical and dynamic schedule model with a demonstrable critical path, completion date and primary schedule validations.
  • Managing Project Progress - encapsulates advancing, revising and deciphering the project schedule and data as well as evaluating the project Performance Forecasting.


At the end of this course Delegates will be able to:

  • Recall and state the fundamental components essential to successfully managing Project Controls incorporating, Project Controls Life Span, the Building Block Approach and Project Controls Organisation Structures 
  • Describe the importance of managing Scope through validating and managing Stakeholder Expectations and utilising the Work Breakdown Structure plus Control Accounts to outline organisational responsibilities 
  • Recognise and explain the various elements involved in project progress including capturing progress & updating the Schedule, assessing and interpreting Progress Data and Project Performance Forecasting 
  • Describe how to accomplish successful Planning & Scheduling through the use of activities, resource allocation and critical path analysis tools and techniques 
  • Explain and determine how to achieve stakeholder approval of completed project deliverables


  • This course is aimed at: planners, schedulers, cost engineers / estimators, quantity surveyors and forensic analysts and all practitioners interested in learning more about the practical application of fundamental tools, techniques and methodologies to help to address real problems.


  • Delegates will take the Guild of Project Controls Planning and Scheduling Preparatory exam


The Guild of Project Controls has a comprehensive of development and certification programme. From that portfolio, the recommended follow-on courses are:

  • Preparatory Level – Cost Management
  • Preparatory Level – Forensic Analysis
  • Competent Level – Planning and Schedule


The Guild of Project Controls is a Global Professional Certification Body, which defines, develops and oversees all levels of Project Controls Professional Competence. GPC brings together the very best expertise in Project Controls from input from the Membership of the Guild’s sister organisation Planning Planet, the world’s biggest Project Controls community and has amassed a significant body of work – Compendium and References (CAR).  The CAR has been a work of five years of effort, breaking down roles, responsibilities and functions within Project controls. From this, the newly launched Professional Training and Certification programme has been developed. Fundamentally, a collaborative body, the expert alumni of The Guild have created the substantive CAR, the most comprehensive and complete guide to professional Project Controls.