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Project Controls Standard Curves

1) Purpose: This tool allows the user to quickly develop progress or cash flow curves using one of three standard curves.

2) Design / Methodology / Approach: Data from various projects in the late 80’s and early 90’s was collected, and then used to make the curves.

3) Findings and Value: This tool provides a quick basis to determine FTE resources, cash flows or progress curves in either the FE phase or proposal phase of a project.

4) Research Limitations / Implications: None

5) Practical Use / Implications: This has proven to be a useful tool by project managers and estimators in the development of high level presentations relating to conceptual planning and estimating.

6) Originality / Value: This was initially developed by me in the early 1990’s.

7) Conclusions: This tool provides the user with a fast method to convey cost and schedule projections, monthly progress peaks, craft labor peaks (density studies) and share the output with more senior management.

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