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Presentation: How to ensure your project’s success by improving and implementing Project Controls, Governance and Capability


Are your Project Governance processes akin to the Ostrich? “Head in the Sand” - Learn how to provide effective Project Controls Governance by lifting your outlook into the sunshine.

Poorly run projects can be hidden behind soft budgets and schedules. Conflicts between functions can drive self-serving decisions to meet budget or schedule at the expense of the long-term viability of the assets being built.  And well-run projects may be unfairly criticised for spending early or over-running when such actions may secure long-term value.  It is essential that from before the first day of a project starting that a proper Peer review of the project is carried out, to ensure there are no hidden mousetraps.

So, what really happens on projects?  And how can governance be improved?  We believe more attention is needed between the major review points and below the programme and Project Steering Groups to link governance with the reality of projects and facilitate timely, well informed decisions.

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