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Peer Review of a Schedule

"Peer Review of a Schedule" by Raphael M. Dua and Chris Carson


Whilst it is true that many major projects do establish proper project management plans and schedules and follow the standard structured methodologies to ensure the project is viable, many do not. The most successful projects have invariably had “Peer” reviews of their project management proposals to ensure that a third party has validated those plans etc. and that they will truly deliver the project.

On investigating those which have failed, it was noted than many of them did not perform the necessary in depth project planning and scheduling as management did not see the value of spending the time and or the funding. No peer reviews or audits had taken place and as such any scheduling or cost shortcoming failed to be observed and so another project failure occurs. However it is well known that taking the time and properly funding the project management, planning and scheduling and perform independent peer reviews do deliver successful projects.

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