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Pankow Scheduling Policy, Philosophy, Best Practices, & SureTrak

"Pankow Scheduling Policy, Philosophy, Best Practices, & SureTrak" by Pete Oakander

Abstract: The purpose of this training and the reason that each of you are here is that there are those in the company who have determined that it is time for you to understand, know, and learn Pankow Scheduling Philosophy, Policy, Best Practices, and the use Primavera SureTrak scheduling software in order for you to perform your scope of work as you move forward with the company. This is a big step for each of you because scheduling forms one of the three legs that support any construction company. Think of it this way. Think of a triangular shaped table supported by a leg at each point. At each point of the triangle there are three major disciplines of construction – Personnel, Estimating, and Scheduling. This is true for all construction companies. Now all construction companies will claim that they have the best people working for them so disregard that for the moment.

That leaves only the estimate (dollars - what the company thinks it will cost to build a project and the profit that they will receive) and the schedule (time - how long it will take to build it). If either of those two legs is not fully thought out and planned for then the table crashes. No body wants that! After this training session you will all have a better idea about Pankow Scheduling.

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