Definitions of WBS Schedule Levels

"Definitions of WBS Schedule Levels" By Tom Reichner


Organizations in the government and private sectors may frequently view the definitions of WBS schedule levels from a different perspective. This paper sets forth a standard set of WBS level definitions in order to eliminate any confusion and to provide a universal standardized set of definitions of WBS levels. It is a compilation reflecting the definitions used in many major companies in the industrial sector such as Fluor Corporation, Bechtel Corporation and URS Corporation. It is consistent with “The Practice Standard for Scheduling”, published 2007, Project Management Institute, Newtown Square, PA.

Schedules are typically developed from the top down, but are then maintained from Level 4 up.

Level 5 schedules are used to coordinate detailed work in specified areas, sometimes on a daily basis. Once work is completed in specific areas, the Level 5 update may supersede previous schedules, and so becomes a temporary document used for look-ahead purposes.

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