Creating a World Class Mindset

Title: "Creating a World Class Mindset"

Provided by: Richard Palczynski, Director of Programme Controls, Crossrail 


Now it may have taken Crossrail a long time to get going, but once the Programme did start, the question we're asking here is.

What did the journey to 'world class' look like... Because it wasn't straight forward.

Crossrail didn't start life as a world class programme.

It certainly procured a world class set of partners. To support the client, Transcend were appointed as Programme Partner and Bechtel were awarded the Programme Delivery Partner role to drive the works. But by 2010 things were not going so well. At that point, Crossrail was not a 'world class' organisation.

So let's park that for now.... are we really in control?


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