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Haitham E. Khaireldin


The construction industry has developed to be complex in nature which has in turn contributed to the adversarial culture that the industry is infamous for (Jaffar, Abdul Tharim, Shuib, 2011, p.193; Cheung et al. 2008, p.942)./p>

The relationship between the parties involved in a construction project comprises a set of interrelated interests that require coordination of time, resources and communication (Harmon, 2003, p.121)./p>

Conflicts are inevitable and, if not resolved, there will be consequences on both of the progress of the construction project and the relationships between the parties (Harmon, 2003, p.121)./p>

This report is prepared to deliver a set of recommendations and advice to the Contractor who was awarded a project that comprises 80 housing units in Skye, Scotland under NEC3 ECC conditions of contract and has encountered some problems in the post contract stage of the project./p>

The dispute has arisen between the parties due to several incidents. These issues will be discussed and analysed in the context of sections of this report./p>

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