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2017 Project Control Area Remuneration Income Survey Report

Title: "2017 project control area remuneration income survey report"

Author: "Deyi.zhang/张德义"

Abstract: In recent years, various engineering industries have faced different situations. For example, popular PPP mode towns, amusement parks, complexes and other construction projects are very popular and revenue will naturally rise. The petrochemical industry has generally come out of the trough. , also ushered in a small upsurge, and some engineering industries are gloomy and may even be eliminated.

Engineering project management tends to be more specialized, refined, and intelligent. Especially at the level of specialization, the engineering enterprises associated with the Belt and Road initiative, driven by the international market environment, have established project control departments or positions in order to meet various requirements. Although many of them are passive, there are still many enterprises that actively seek change.

一、 调研背景及目的




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