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The Apprentice Framework Plan can be adopted by Employers and Educational Organisations for graduate and non-graduate trainee-practitioners operating in the planning and scheduling, cost management, claims management, project management or project controls disciplines and as such is available to aspiring individuals wishing to become competence certified assistant planners or schedulers, assistant project managers, assistant cost or risk engineers, assistant claims analysts and / or assistant project controls engineers etc.

At the end of the scheme the trainee-practitioner will gain a competency credential documenting that they have proven their ability to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND relevant facts, concepts, procedures & critical thinking knowledge in relation to their chosen discipline.

Interns / trainees / apprentices will be provided with:

  • Access to an Apprentice Mentor; a senior employee, tutor, or professor who has been trained and certified by the Guild to act as subject expert to mentor and coach the apprentice through their 24 month long Apprentice Framework Plan (AFP).  The Apprentice Mentor will assist each apprentice with their AFP consisting of...
  1. An online Experience Profile to help to start showcase their experience to date
  2. One ore more 360 Degree Capability References to help them with initial references
  3. Career Path Development Plan to help them understand how to advance their careers
  4. An online Knowledge and Capability Exam to validate what they have learned
  5. The Professional Level Guild Certification to validate the successful conclusion of the apprenticeship
  6. An introduction to major / global corporations who utilise candidates of their calibre
  • Access to Apprentice Capability Descriptor (ACD) which defines, in detail, the specific KNOW and UNDERSTAND capability expectations for the practitioner for each of the project controls knowledge areas. 
  • Access to Apprentice Compendium & Reference (CaR) which documents the best tested and proven practices, tools & techniques described and required by the ACD in regard to the 12 knowledge area domains. 
  • Access to Classroom Training or eLearning. The Guild provides a Train-The-Trainer Facility to one or more of the Apprentice Mentors who can deliver in-house training to the apprentices should the employer / organisation not wish to purchase external training or eLearning etc. 
  • Access to Online Competency Examination to validate & assess the apprentices ability to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND relevant facts, concepts and procedures as mandated by the ACD. 
  • A formal Competency Certification Credential validating the successful completion of the apprenticeship. 
  • Access to a Corporate Career Path Matrix to enable career growth after attaining the end-of-apprenticeship Certification.

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