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HELLO EVERYONE, I have recently comleted B.TECH IN INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING in India. Would it be wise to start off  my career as Planning engineer?? Do planning engineers in instrumentation field have good scope for career advancement?


Carmen Arape
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Hi Mike,


Like the changes of planning planet.

Great that you keep the hard worker on the upper right side of the page.



Mike Testro
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Hi Carman

Great to see you back on PP.

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Mike T.

Carmen Arape
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Hi DEbapriya,


After 24 years working as Planning Engineer, I can tell you the following:

To decide whether or not to move to planning, I has to do more with

1.- You understand the full scope of the new field.

2. You will love to develop as planning after being well informed.

Minimun you have a technical background. I have been in well known EPC contractors where document controllers, secreataries

and frustrated engineers from others disciplines move to project control and planning. All these groups are not qualified for the JOB and they work as jokey planners, report writers and input data clerks.

My recommendation would be: work as Instrument engineer in a well known EPC contractor. Try to get closer to planning activities. You can start as planner in your own department.

At the same time, take a training in project control which includes: planning, project control, estimating.

Once you are ready, you can make the move to any firld in project control.