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Book of Dead Projects.

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Gwen Blair
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By insistent and popular demand, Snow White waved goodbye to her healthy sextuplets and returned to the daily grind of earning a contracting crust in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Life had been good to Snow White. She had come in from the cold and settled up country in Deeside.

Fuelled by healthy day rates and the welcomed pleasure of not constantly smelling of regurgitated baby food she was to be found, after work,  seeking solace in the Soul Bar, Cults Hotel, No 10 and "The Clubbie" 

The sextuplets and their "custodians", the Seven Dwarfs, were glad to see the back of her. No more housekeeping to extreme, no more weeding the garden and de spidering the house of cob webs. Instead they were free to roam Glen Tanar at will, listen to Out of Doors at 6.30 in the morning and eat the local wild life.

In short,return to their previous feral lifes. They would train and influence the sextuplets well.  

However to their dismay, one escaped to JP Kenny Perth WA and was  sending home gold ignots to fuel the dwarves and remaining sextuplets casino on line gambling habits.

Another roamed the world on Weatherford expenses. He had seen the world from Greenland, Oman, Cameroon, Congo, Stanlow and the Weatherford Workshop in Altens.  When he returned, he continued to bag Munroes (Who ever SHE was!)

Sweaty Betty last heard of in Houston, shopping, no doubt,  til she dropped. . .usually herself. . at the Derrick Bar.

Still Snow White had plans afoot to surprise her in Houston.

She did,however, continue toworry about her sanity and wondered if Larry was still alive and kicking in teh States.