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Best TILOS software with MS Project?

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Liam Moran
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currently looking for a TILOS Software that is compatible with MS Project.


any advice is welcome.


Santosh Bhat
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Firstly, I am part of the team that develops Turbo-Chart, to make sure that is clarified in this post.

TILOS is a specific product name - a software tool that is now owned by Trimble Group. It is designed to be able to plan and develop critical path schedules for projects using the Time-Location format that is ideal for linear projects. Because of this capabilities it comes with quite a hefty training and learning requirement, and is priced as you might expect for a sophisticated schedluing tool. If you want to plan and schedule the linear element of a project from scratch, then TILOS is the ideal tool for this purpose.

Turbo-Chart was deveolped purely for the Time-Location charting aspect, drawing upon schedule data produced in other systems, including MS Project. As you develop your schedule in MS Project, you just add three additional pieces of data:

  • A Text Code we call SHAPECODE - that is used to define how you want the schedule task to appear on the chart, blue box, grene line etc.
  • Two Numeric fields for Location Start and Location End values - that define where along the linear alignment the task occurs.

Once these three pieces of data are populated for the tasks to be displayed on the chart, Turbo-Chart then connects to the MPP file, maps those extra fields and imports the data in. You then define the SHAPECODE properties once, and as your schedule is updated in MS Project, just save the MPP file, and re-sync the project in Turbo-Chart. The schedule changes, and any changes to task data is also then updated in Turbo-Chart. Quick and Easy. Plus there are many options for configuring how the chart is displayed. You may also save different forms of schedules as Datasets, and these may be used for comparison of planned vs actual etc.

Be in touch if you need any more assistance!

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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It is possible to transfer data from and to MS Project and Tilos; you have to purchase an additional module to Tilos to be enable this functionality

Another possibility is TurboChart from, less complex than Tilos.