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Tilos import

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Ahmed KHR
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Dear friends,

What is the best and the easiest way to use Tilos (Import from PERT SCEDULE P3, MSP) or injecting the data directly in Tilos?


Ahmed KHR
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Dear.Tekin Guvercin


Thank you for your answer.


I have another question if you want to answer: what is the easiest way to import to Tilos From MSP ,P3 or P6.


Thank you in advance.

Tekin Guvercin
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Dear Ahmed,

TILOS is integrated with ASTA Powerproject, Primavera and Microsoft Project. Integration is simple and work quite well in both side. Additionally TILOS has new version which inculude GhangChart Module. But I recomend Multy Users, and Multy Project Envirement using together with ASTA if you have that kind of requirement.

You can contact with me and I can send you detail integration documents. You can also get more information from www.TILOS.ORG or

You can create Project from first phase to close out with TILOS. It is not only print out. Estimation, Budget, Cost, Income, Cash, Resource Management system. CPM supported and by baseline you can also monitor EVM, and Performence Management. If you have a linear project I definetly recomend you investigating TILOS. If you need any help let me know, I will give you alot of samples and information.


Please see how it work with Primavera. As I mention my fauvorite is ASTA, but it work with 3 provider quite well