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Spider Macros

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Bogdan Leonte
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Hello Vladimir,

in the latest versions of Spider Macros have been introduced as a new functionality. There are two types of macros:

  1. Internal, from what I understand these are macros applied at the project (file) level;
  2. External, from what I understant these are macros applied at the application level, for several projects (files).

Could you please elaborate more about them and maybe give us an example for both internal and external macros?

Best regards,


It shall look like this:

<<ProjectFile = C:\Spider\arbat.201.sprj; // WBSCode = 1; // >> OpenFile (<<ProjectFile>>);//ProjCalcSchedRes ();//ProjCalcCost ();//Diagram (N);//ProjSetSpendRep (CODE : CostTotal, VER : 1);// ProjSetSpendRepCommon (CostTotal);// ProjMakeSpendRepWBS (<<WBSCode>>);//
Bogdan Leonte
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Joined: 18 Aug 2012
Posts: 239

It is indeed a large topic. I am familliar with scripts but I cannot say I know everything there is to know about Spiders script language, this is why I started this topic.

I will give your script a test using a project and see what happens.

Best Regards


this is a large topic. Spider Project includes script language that may be used for automating user actions, for launching Spider Project from the external source and doing required actions automatically, for integration with external software, etc.

An example of the script that will open Spider Project, open certain project (replace arbat.201.sprj with the path and file name of your project), calculate project schedule and budget and create total cost table report) is below:

<<ProjectFile = C:\Spider\arbat.201.sprj; // what project to openWBSCode = 1; // which WBS to select>> OpenFile (<<ProjectFile>>);// open projectProjCalcSchedRes ();// calculate scheduleProjCalcCost ();// calculate costsDiagram (N);// update diagramProjSetSpendRep (CODE : CostTotal, VER : 1);// select the reportProjSetSpendRepCommon (CostTotal);// Total Cost tableProjMakeSpendRepWBS (<<WBSCode>>);// Create the report You will need to save this text file with spsc extention and associate spsc extentions with Spider Project (default software). Then just run it.And yes, Spider can remember your actions for creating certain scripts automatically. So it may be a good start.