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Filters in Primavera Risk Analysis

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UK Planning Engineer
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Is there a way to filter the activities in Primavera Risk Analysis similar to how you would in P6?

I'm trying to filter activities with no predecessor/successor from a dodgy schedule ready for analysis I received but there doesn't seem to be a suitable field in the drop down filter list and this should be the simplest filter to switch on?!?

Surely it can't just be going back and forth from the schedule check to correct all the errors as this seems to be very clunky? But the filter list in PRA doesn't even seem to have the basics?!?

Are there also any other common filters that anyone uses as I'm having a great deal of difficulty in setting them up on PRA?!?


Thanks everyone!


Santosh Bhat
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Firstly, PRA is OLD, you should seriosuly look into some of the newer SRA tools out there.


But one workaround to your dilema - Filters are only applied to tasks, not to links. Show the "Preceding Tasks" and Suceeding Tasks" Columns. Remove any Grouping/organisation and then sort by each of the columns to see which tasks are null in each column.


Rafael Davila
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If there is no such pre-defined filter in your software then with the use of UDF (User Defined Field) a few formulas, a few simple filters and a script to automate execution you should be able to create the filter.

In the following video you will see the use of a pre-defined filter as well as the use of a script.  After the script is defined all it requires is to run it with a few mouse clicks, easier and faster than using Excel.

Pre-defined dangling logic filters are a better option anyone can use.


Good Luck

Rafael Davila
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When creating your filters please be reminded that it is possible for activities to have both predecessors and successors yet still suffer from dangling – hence inadequate – schedule logic. These cases – generally categorized as dangling finish and dangling start – are also known as “orphan relationships.”



In such case it is possible the schedule reports miss to highlight the dangling finish/start. 

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hello Scott,

I cannot find such a filter in PRA; the best way I can find to retrieve all the open activities is to insert the Preceding tasks and Succeding tasks columns in a view, then to sort the view on these fields

I hope it will help