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Risk Management Strategies/Procedures

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Dennis Hanks
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I'm a fan of Primavera Risk Analysis Risk Register. I think it could be an effective tool in managing risk. To that end, what have you see done, or do you do to effectively manage risk. What kind of followup do you do, or have seen to make sure the mitigation strategy is implemented? How often do you or have seen periodic risk reviews? Has anyone published procedures for systematic risk management? A lot of questions. I want to assemble what I think is an effective risk management strategy, and don't want to re-invent the wheel - if it's out there. Any suggestions, insights, or exhibits are welcome. Thanks.


Rafael Davila
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  • I might not agree 100% with all but more than 95%, I recommend taking a look at all of Moasaic Project Services website once in a while as it is updated continuously.

I am also an advocate of Risk Planning, even my bank uses Monte Carlo to analyze investment portfolios, better than deterministic models.